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This is a list of released records by and with Michel Portal. It is ordered chronologically where the year refers, in general, to the recording date. All items are in LP format unless stated otherwise. CD re-issues are preceeded by an asterisk '*'. In those cases where the catalog numbers of LP and CD issue are essentially the same it is not repeated after the *. Releases from 1988 onwards are all available as CDs and therefore no special indication is made.

Reportedly Michel Portal played as session musician on many records by French singers in the 1960s and early 1970s. Also, he was involved in several releases of CBS-France (and Epic) as musical director in 1966/1967. If anyone can provide additional information please contact me.

Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages are, in general, not included in this list.

I would like to thank Mikiko Kameyama, Mark Raap, Engelbert Schramm, Marco Soldi, and Robert Stubenrauch for their help and encouragement with this discography.

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V      film released on video tape
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Jef Gilson: Enfin!. Club de l'echiquier 30 J 1002, Spalax 1963 SPX 6837; * EPM Musique FD151922 Jef Gilson: 1945/1975 Anthology Jef Gilson - The Beginning 1963 Of Jean-Luc Ponty. Palm 19 Jef Gilson: Big Band. (7" EP). Club de l'echiquier CED J-451 1963 Pierre Michelot: Round About A Bass. Mercury 125 500 MCL; 1963 * Emarcy Records CD 042283230927 Michel Hausser: Holiday for vibes and cembalet. Columbia 1964 FPX 257 (F) Jef Gilson: 1945/1975 Anthology Jef Gilson - The Big Band 1964 Band Era. Palm 20 Jean-Luc Ponty: Jazz long playing. Philips B77810L; 1964 * Emarcy Records CD 731454815024 Boulou (Ferre): I'll never smile again. (7" EP). Barclay 1964 EP 70743 Boulou (Ferre): Salt peanuts. (7" EP). Barclay EP 70821 1964 Boulou Ferre. Barclay 80254; (2-CD). Jazz in Paris - 1964 Complete Barclay Recordings. * Universal Music 279 766-1 (contains all tracks from the two Barclay EPs above) Daniel Janin: Music for Big Band. Societe Francaise SFP 1965 53003, SFP 15021 Jef Gilson: Live a Gaveau. Sam Records SR22/2 (F) 1965 (released in 2021) Jef Gilson: A Gaveau. Societe Francaise SFP 10.004, 1965 Sam Records SR16/1 (F) Jef Gilson: Midi douze. * FD Music 152122 1965 Claude Bolling Sextet: Jazzgang Amadeus Mozart. Philips 1965 842.129 PY; * Mercury/Polygram 842 734-2 Francois Tusques: Free Jazz. Disques Mouloudji EM 13507; 1965 * IN SITU/Adda 590039 (The CD re-issue contains 2 bonus tracks!) Ivan Jullien - Paris Jazz All Stars: Paris point zero. 1966 Riviera 421047, Barclay 521.047; (2-CD). Jazz in Paris - Complete Riviera Recordings. * Universal Music 279 766-6 Andre Hodeir: Anna Livia Plurabelle. Carlyne Music CAR 005; 1966 Philips PHS 900-255 Sunny Murray: ditto. Shandar SR 10.008 1968 Haexan - Witchcraft through the ages. (Film on DVD). 1968 Criterion Collection HAX010 (0-37429-1617-2-2) (USA); (CD). Sotpackan SP0067 (US) Jean-Luc Ponty/Daniel Humair/Michel Portal: La sorcellerie 1968 a travers les ages. Communication Co 301 (This LP contains part of the soundtrack from the above film 'Haexan'.) Francois Tusques: La Chasse Au Snark. (2-LP). 1968 Finders Keepers/Cacophonic 27CACKLP (released in 2020) Michel Portal: Our meanings and our feelings. EMI Pathe 1969 2C 054-10525 Jacques Thollot: Intra Musique. Alga Marghen plana-T alga043 1969 (released in 2017 as LP) Alan Silva and The Celestrial Communication Orchestra: 1970 Seasons. (3-LP). BYG/Actuel 529.342/43/44; * Sunspots SPOT 505 NDR - Die Jazz-Werkstatt '70. (This LP is shared with 1970 other artists). NDR 0654094 (Portal is on the piece from the Workshop "Convolution"; credits are given erroneously to Michel Pilz) Michel Portal: Alors!!!. Futura GER 12; Musica MUS 2001; 1970 * Futura 152-072 (V.A.:) 20. Internationales Jazzfestival Zuerich. (2-LP). 1970 MPS/BASF CRP 843, MPS/BASF 25 20843-5 Michel Portal: Splendid Yzlment. CBS 64567; * CBS 467454-2 1971 Michel Colombier: Wings. A&M 3503, CBS AMLH 63 503; 1971 * A&M SPX 4281 Michel Portal Unit: A Chateauvallon - No, no but it may be. 1972 Le Chant du Monde LDX 74526; (retitled: Chateauvallon 23 Aout 1972) * Universal/Emarcy 038 350-2 NDR - Jazz Workshop 1974. (This LP is shared with other 1974 artists). NDR 0666 516 Daniel Humair: Surrounded 1964-1987. (2-LP). Flat & Sharp 1974 Records PAM 970; * Flat & Sharp 239228, * Blue Flame 40322 Michel Portal: L'ombre rouge. (Soundtrack LP). Saravah 1974/81 SHL 1091 Michel Portal: Chateauvallon '76. L'Escargot ESC 382 1976 Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz: Roundtrip. Transversales 1977 Disques TRS26 (released in 2023) Aldo Romano: Il piacere. OWL 015; * Emarcy Records 1978 CD 044001357527 Michel Portal: Dejarme Solo. WEA/Cy 733 603; * Dreyfus 1979 65026-2, Sony FDM 36506-2 Michel Portal/Leon Francioli/Pierre Favre: Arrivederci le 1980 Chouartse. (2-LP). Hat Hut HH2R22, hat ART 2007; * hat ART 6022, hatOLOGY 572 Michel Portal: Le retour de Martin Guerre/Balles perdues. 1983 (Soundtrack LP). RCA PL 37767 (6 of the 7 tracks from "Martin Guerre" are also on: Les Plus Belles Musiques de Film, Vol. 1) * Fremeaux Entertainment FE 951 (F) Michel Portal: The return of Martin Guerre/Georges Delerue: 1983 Julia. (Soundtrack LP). DRG Records SL-9514 (contains the same tracks from "Martin Guerre" as the LP above!) Les B.O. Introuvables (Rare Soundtracks) - Vol. 3. (3-CD). 1983 * Music Box Records MBR-B3 (complete soundtrack to "Martin Guerre"; released in 2020) Michel Portal: Les Cavaliers de L'Orage. (Soundtrack LP). 1984 RCA BL 70302 Les Grands Compositeurs Francais de Musique de Film, Vol. 2. 1984 (Soundtrack CD). * Fremeaux Entertainment FE 954 (F) (contains one track from Portal's soundtrack to "Battling le tenebreux"; released in 1997) Michel Portal: Bras de fer. (Soundtrack LP). Trema 310195 1985 Michel Portal: Max mon amour. (Soundtrack). Studiocanal 1986 (available as download from iTunes) Michel Portal: Turbulence. * Harmonia Mundi 905186 1987 Michel Portal: Men's Land. * Label Bleu LBLC 6513 1987 (V.A.:) 9-11 P.M. at the Town Hall. Label Bleu LBLC6517 1988 Jazz Francais a New York. (3 video cassettes). Agat Films/ 1988 K Films/Collection Musiques D005-D007 (contains video footage from the Town Hall concert listed above; note that Portal appears in part 1 and 3) Portal/Liebman/Gurtu/Cinelu: Live de Lille - November 1990. 1990 Sari Seeri SGR 9101 Michel Portal: Any way. Label Bleu LBLC 6544 1991/92 Martial Solal/Michel Portal: same. Erato 2292-45799-2 1992 (This CD is part of a 5-CD boxset called "Martial Solal Edition". Erato 2292-45810-2) Henri Texier Azur Quartet: An Indian's Week. Label Bleu 1993 LBLC 6558 Carolyn Carlson au travail. (2 DVD). Capricci 3545020038796 1993 (released in 2015) Michel Portal: Musiques de Cinemas. Label Bleu LBLC 6574, 1994/95 Harmonia Mundi HM 83 Richard Galliano: Laurita. Dreyfus FDM 36572-2 1994 Michel Portal: La Machine. (Soundtrack CD). Decca/London 1994 444 789-2 Michel Portal - Richard Galliano: Live. * Radio Suisse 1995 Romande RSR 6157 (Ch) Richard Galliano/Michel Portal: Blow Up. Dreyfus 36589-2 1996 Daniel Humair: Quatre fois trois. (CD + CD-ROM). Label 1996/97 Bleu LBLC 6619/20, Harmonia Mundi 53x2 Richard Galliano: Opale. High Tide TIDE 9162-2 (I) 1997 (This CD was included in the Italian magazine "Musica Jazz" no. 5/1997.) Michel Portal: Dockings. Label Bleu LBL 6604 1997 Richard Galliano: French Touch. Dreyfus FDM 36596-2 1998 Richard Galliano: Concerts inedits. (3-CD). Dreyfus FDM 1998 36606-2 Martial Solal/Michel Portal: Fast mood. RCA 2 1693 10-2 1999 Michel Portal/Steven Kent/Mino Cinelu: Burundi. PAO Records 2000 10630 (A); Sonodisc SA/Jazz'in JICD 1 (F) Vienna Art Orchestra: All That Strauss. TCB 20052 (Ch) 2000 Michel Portal: Minneapolis. Emarcy Records CD 044001351129 2001 Michel Portal: 3 Essais pour Ornette (unreleased tracks). 2001 Emarcy/Universal 8181 (F). (This CD was given away in France as bonus with the purchase of the Minneapolis CD and it was included in the January 2001 issue of the French "Jazz Magazine".) Te quiero. (Soundtrack CD; the CD is shared with other 2001 artists). Milan 7 4321 82834-2 (contains only tracks from the "Dockings" CD!) Captain Fracasse. (Film on DVD). Image Entertainment 2001 ID1856DSDVD (USA) Michel Portal: Minneapolis we insist!. Universal 2001/02 017 796-2 Michel Portal: That one is for Mingus. Universal 2002 (2-track promo CD that was included in the May 2002 issue of the French "Jazz Magazine".) Joachim Kuehn: Universal Time. Emarcy Records CD 2002 044001667121 Alain Gerber: Le Jazz est un roman. OWL 064 160-2 2002 Michel Portal: Dipping in Minneapols. (3-CD). Universal 2001/02 066 115-2 (3-CD set that includes the two previously released "Minneapolis" CDs plus the tracks from the 2 promo CD EPs released by Universal plus some previously unreleased material.) Jazz et autres Musiques du Monde. (video). Carmen 2002 Production (F); (DVD). * L'Harmattan (F) Michel Portal - Richard Galliano: Concerts. Dreyfuss 2004 FDM 36661-2 Michel Portal: La petite chartreuse. (Soundtrack CD). 2005 Universal 982834-4 Susanne Abbuehl: Compass. ECM 1906 2006 Sylvain Luc: Joko. Dreyfus 460503 669222 2006 Antoine Herve: Road movie. Nocturne NTCD391 2006 Michel Portal / Bernard Lubat: Improvista. (DVD). Lubat 2006 Jazzcogne Productions/Labeluz LUZ 642010 Michel Portal: Birdwatcher. Universal/Emarcy 984 556-3 2007 Michel Portal: Jean de la Fontaine. (Soundtrack CD). 2007 Milan 399 120-2 Miroslav Vitous Group with Michel Portal: Remembering 2009 Weather Report. ECM 2073 Michel Portal: Bailador. Universal/Emarcy 060 2527537665 2010 Trio PAJ: Live at MC:2 Grenoble. (DVD). Mode Avant 15 (USA) 2010 Michel Portal/Yaron Herman: Hear Palmer 2010 2011 (Reportedly a limited number of CDs has been privately pressed by Chateau Palmer) (V.A.:) 13 miniatures for Albert Ayler. Rogue Art ROG-0040 2012 Jacky Terrasson: Gouache. Universal/Emarcy 060 2537118069 2012 Vincent Peirani: Thrill box. Act 9542-2 2013 Michel Portal: Le Pouvoir. (Soundtrack) 2013 Le Pouvoir Nicolas Folmer: Sphere. Cristal Records CR222 (F) 2014 Nicolas Folmer: sphere special inedits. 2014 (This CD was included in the issue no. 31 (May 2014) of the French magazine "Jazz News".) Un amour (Roman). (DVD + CD). Shellac Sud SHES1047 (F) 2014 (film release which includes an audio CD with the soundtrack performed by Michel Portal and Vincent Peirani) Ibrahim Maalouf: 10 Ans de Live!. (CD+6DVD). Mi'ster 2014 Productions IBM14, SPPF 5704999 (Portal is on one track of the limited-edition box set that includes six DVDs) Michel Portal: Radar. Intuition INTCHR 71319 2016 Emile Parisien: Sfumato. ACT 9837-2 2016 Henri Texier: Concert anniversaire 30 ans de Label Bleu. 2016 Label Bleu LBLC 6730 (3 521383 443064) Noel Balen: Mingus Erectus. (book + CD). Le Castor Astral, 2016 ISBN 979-10-278-0085-8 Michel Portal, Richard Hery, Xavier Tribolet, Quatuor Ebene: Eternal Stories. Erato 01 9029583956 7 2017 Alexandre Tharaud: Barbara. (2-CD). Erato 0 190295 759100 2017 Emile Parisien: Sfumato live in Marciac. (CD+DVD). ACT 2017 6021-2 -M- (Matthieu Chedid): Lettre Infinie. Wagram Music 3363492 2019 Francesco Tristano: Tokyo Stories. Sony Classical LC06868 2019 Thomas Dutronc: Frenchy. Blue Note/Tomdu 086289-2 2020 Valentin & Theo Ceccaldi: Constantine. Full Rhizome/ 2020 Brouhaha Records Michel Portal: Musique pour Un ete a la Garoupe. Cezame 2020 CEO2120 Cezame Music Agency Michel Portal: MP85. Label Blue LBLC6736 2021 David Enhco: Family Tree. L'Autre Distribution 2022 3521383462195 Alexandre Tharaud: Cinema. (2-CD). Erato 5419718461 2022


(V.A.:) Champions of the woodwind competition. 1965 Qualiton LPX 1246 (Hu) Jean Baptiste Breval: Symphonie concertante/Concerto for 1966 Viola. Decca SXL 20179, Decca SMD 1525 Luciano Berio: Laborintus 2. Arcophon AC 695 (I); Harmonia 1968 Mundi HM 1764, RCA LSC-3267; * Harmonia Mundi HMA 195764 Karlheinz Stockhausen: Aus den sieben Tagen (Fais voile 1969 vers le solei/Liaison). Harmonia Mundi HM 30 889 M; * Harmonia Mundi HMA 190795 Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kommunion/Intensitaet. Deutsche 1969 Grammophon 2530 256 Karlheinz Stockhausen: Unbegrenzt. Deutsche Grammophon 1969 2561 298 Karlheinz Stockhausen: Aus den sieben Tagen. (7-LP). 1969 Deutsche Grammophon 2720 073; .(7-CD). * Stockhausen Verlag Complete Edition 14 (The CD edition contains all recordings from the Deutsche Grammophon LPs above plus a bonus track that is not on the 7-LP edition) Johannes Brahms: Sonates pour clarinette et piano, op. 120. 1969 Harmonia Mundi HM 30 904; * Harmonia Mundi HMA 190904, Harmonia Mundi 790904 Pierre Boulez: Domaines. Harmonia Mundi HM 1930; * Harmonia 1970 Mundi HMX 2908 6264, Harmonia Mundi HMA 195930 Colette Magny: Snarkose. (7" EP). Le Chant Du Monde EP 1971 45 3254 (included in: Colette Magny - Anthologie 1958-1997. (10-CD). * Sony Music/Legacy Recordings 0190758502328) Mauricio Kagel: Exotica. Deutsche Grammophon DG 2530 251; 1971 * Deutsche Grammophon 445 252-2 New Phonic Art. Wergo WER 60 060 1971 Francis Poulenc: Musique de chambre. (2-CD). * EMI Classics 1971 CDC 5 69267-2, EMI CZS 7 62736-2 Vinko Globokar: Ausstrahlungen. Harmonia Mundi HM 933, 1972 BASF / Harmonia Mundi 25 29181-2; (re-issued as: Hallo, do you hear me?). * Harmonia Mundi 90933 (V.A.:) Atelier Schola Cantorum 4. (2-CD). * Cadenza CAD 1972 800 894 (MP performs on the piece "Airs de voyages vers l'interieur" by Vinko Globokar) (D) Vinko Globokar/New Phonic Art: Drama & Correspondences. 1973 BASF Harmonia Mundi 20 21803-1 (V.A.:) Free Improvisation: New Phonic Art/Iskra 1903/Wired. 1973 (3-LP). Deutsche Grammophon 2563 298/299/300, Deutsche Grammophon 2740 105 (V.A.:) 75 Jahre Donaueschingen. (12-CD). * Col Legno WWE 1973 12CD 31899-31910 (MP performs on the piece "Laboratorium" by Vinko Globokar on Col Legno WWE 1CD 31906) Bernard Parmegiani: Pop'eclectic. * Plate Lunch PL08 (D) 1973 Sergei Prokofiev: The Five Piano Concertos. * EMI 62542, 1974 EMI Classics 5 73271 2 (MP performs on the "Overture on Hebrew Themes, op. 34") Vinko Globokar: Airs de voyages vers l'interieur / Voie. 1975 RTV Ljubljana LD 0803 (Yu), Aulos AUL 53577 (D); (re-issued as: Eisenberg) * col legno WWE 1CD 20004 (D) (V.A.:) Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000 - Konzertmusik: 1975 Vokale Kammermusik (Sprachkomposition). * BMG/RCA 74321 735332 (MP performs on the piece "Un jour comme un autre" by Vinko Globokar) (D) Harry Vogt/Martina Seeber: Radio Cologne Sound. Das Studio 1977 fuer Elektronische Musik des WDR. (book + 5CD). Wolke ISBN-13 978-3955932596. (MP performs on "Dialoge" by Thomas Kessler; CD 3) (released in 2023) Vinko Globokar: Echanges. Harmonia Mundi 1C 065-99 712 1978 Johannes Brahms: Trios op. 40 & 114. Erato STU 71159; 1978 * Erato 4509-96951-2; Apex 256461792-2 Sylvie Carbonel/Michel Portal/Roland Pidoux. L'Art de 1981 Sylvie Carbonel, Vol. 4. * Skarbo DSK12223H (released in 2024) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Quintet K.581/Trio K.498. 1983 Harmonia Mundi HM 1118; * Harmonia Mundi HMC 901118 Gilbert Amy: Shin Anim Sha Ananim/etc. Erato NUM 75264 1983 Jean Schwarz: Chantakoa/And around. * Celia Records CL 8909 1986 Francis Poulenc: Chamber music. London 421 581-2DH 1988 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concerto pour clarinette K.622. 1989 Harmonia Mundi HMA 1951304, Harmonia Mundi 2901304, Harmonia Mundi 7901362 Saint-Saens / Poulenc / Milhaud / Roussel / D'Indy: Musique 1989 de Chambre Francaise. London/Decca 425 861-2 Johannes Brahms: Quintettes op. 111 & 115. Harmonia Mundi 1990 901349, HMA 1951349 Johannes Brahms: Sonates op. 120 / Trio op. 114. 1991 EMI Classics 7 54466 2 (V.A.) ICMC '92. ICMA PRCD 1300 1992 (MP performs on the piece "Echo for John Pierce" by Jean-Claude Risset) (USA) Robert Schumann: Musique de Chambre. EMI Classics CDC 1993 7 54824 2 Jean Schwarz: Canto. Celia Records CL 9414 1993 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Quintet K.581/Trio K.498. 1995 EMI Classics Special CDC 55389-2 Gidon Kremer: Hommage a Piazzolla. Elektra/Nonesuch 79407 1995/96 (V.A.:) Wittener Tage fuer neue Kammermusik 1996. (2-CD). 1996 WDR-Prod. WD 96 (D) Michel Portal/Paul Meyer: Rencontre. Duos pour clarinettes. 1997 EMI 7243 55673 2 Le Cinema de Jean-Louis Comolli. (2-DVD). Editions 1997 Montparnasse em 3 346030 023471 (includes the documentary film "Le Concerto de Mozart" by Comolli about Michel Portal performing a Mozart concerto) Francis Poulenc: Complete chambre music. (2-CD). RCA 74321 1998 632122 (V.A.) 33 RPM - 10 Hours Of Sound From France. 23five 2003 SFM 903 (MP performs on the piece "Resonant Sound Spaces" by Jean-Claude Risset) (USA) Laurent Korcia: Danses. Naive V 4978 2004 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Quintet/Kegelstatt-Trio/ 2004 Adagio & Fugue. Harmonia Mundi/Aeon AECD 0422 Jean-Louis Agobet: Generation. timpani 1C1094 2004 Laurent Korcia: BartoKorcia. (2-CD). Naive V 4991 2005 Laurent Korcia: Doubles jeux. Naive V 5066 2006 Rene Koering: Suite Penthesilee/Circles of regrets/Nur 2008 Penthesilea. Accord/Universal 480 0791 Michel Portal: Classique!. (4-CD). EMI 50999 088636 2 2011 (Compilation of all EMI recordings with Michel Portal) Michel Portal/Paul Meyer: Double. Alpha Classics ALPHA415 2020 Christian-Pierre La Marca: Wonderful world. (2-CD). 2021 Naive V 7362 Michel Portal/Michel Dalberto: Berg-Brahms-Poulenc-Schumann 2024 La Dolce Volta LDV96


Benny Bennet et son orchestre: Esmeralda. (7" EP). Vogue 1958 EPS 7434 Les 7 peches capitaux. (Soundtrack EP). (7" EP). Philips 1962 432.759 BE Barbara: Barbara chante Barbara. Philips 77806 (mono), 1964 Philips 840 574 (stereo); (re-issued on CD as: Goettingen 64-65). * Polydor 510746 Barbara: Versions inedites 1964-67. * Mercury 063 175-2 1964 (released in 2002 as part of the 13-CD box "L'aigle noir", Mercury 063 172-2. Note that this set contains basically all albums by Barbara that involve Michel Portal!) Serge Gainsbourg: Gainsbourg Percussions. Philips 77842 L; 1964 * Polygram 538606 Serge Gainsbourg: En Studio Avec Serge Gainsbourg. (3-CD). 1964 * Universal Music France 538 840 6 (Portal is on "Machins Choses (Version Instrumentale)") (released in 2019) Barbara: ditto. Philips 77859 (mono), Philips 840 575 1965 (stereo); (re-issued on CD as: Goettingen 64-65). * Polydor 510746 Claude Nougaro: Armstrong. (7" EP). Philips 437.153 BE; 1965 (re-issued on: Master Serie, Vol. 2) * Polygram 846 646-2 Claude Nougaro: Je crois. Philips 844.953, Philips 6325 216 1965 (contains 3 of the 4 tracks from the EP above) Les Idoles. (Soundtrack LP). CBS 62812 (F) 1966 Claude Nougaro: Petit taureau. Philips 844.709; * Philips 1967 538 012-2 Jean-Pierre Kalfon: My friend, mon ami. (7" EP). CBS EP 6154 1967 Les Idoles. (soundtrack LP). Monster Melodies Records 1967 MMLP19 (released in 2022; record differs from the CBS release) Claude Vinci: Demain Octobre. CBS 62979 (F) 1967 Raimon: Cancons de la roda del temps. CBS 63040 (F) 1967 Sophie Makhno: Pour lui. CBS 63084 (F) 1967 Stephan Reggiani: Le zip. (7" EP). CBS EP 6340 1967 Stephan Reggiani. CBS S 63274 1967 (contains 3 of the 4 tracks from the above EP) Stephan Reggiani. (2-LP). CBS 88112 1967 (Compilation that contains 2 of the 4 tracks from the above EP) Marie Jose Casanova: Histoire d'eau. (7" EP). Epic 9063 1967 Claude Nougaro: Paris Mai. Philips 844.954, Philips 6325 219 1968 (contains the remaining track from the Nougaro EP) Barbara: Barbara, en public. (3 LP set). Philips 1968 830 217-1/-2; (two separate CDs) * Philips 832 348-2; * Philips 832 356-2 (released in September 1986) Barbara: Une femme qui chante. (19-CD). Mercury 279 8975 1968 (CDs 10 & 11 - Musicorama, L'Olympia 1968 - contain a show from January 22, 1968 recorded with an orchestra that includes Michel Portal; released in November 2012) Barbara: Le soleil noir. Philips 844 783; (re-issued on 1968 CD as: Dame Brune 67-68). * Polydor 510758 Barbara: L'aigle noir. Philips 6311 084; * Philips 832 689 1970 Raimon: T'adones amic ...?. Le Chant Du Monde LDX 74523 1974 Raimon: A Victor Jara. Movieplay S-32568 (E); * Fonomusic 1974 CD-1159 (E) Raimon: Lliurament del cant. Movieplay 170905/5 (E); 1977 * Fonomusic CD-1158 (E) Raimon: Cancons. Auvidis A 6190 (F) 1993 Raimon: Integral. (6-CD). Auvidis A 6195 (F) 1993


Le Jardin des delices Stage direction by Claude Regy; France 1969 La Nuit Choreography by Jacques Garnier; France 1971 L'Atelier volant Stage direction by Jean-Pierre Sarrazac; France 1974 Cinq pour dix Choreography by Viola Farber; France 1981 Villa-nuage Choreography by Viola Farber; France 1981 Cerceau nomade Choreography by Jacques Garnier; France 1983 Paysages de rencontres Choreography by Marc Oliviero; France 199? Improvisation au Transbordeur Choreography by Carolyn Carlson; France 1990 Commedia Choreography by Carolyn Carlson; France 1993 The field Choreography by Carolyn Carlson; France 1996


Un ete a la Garoupe [doc; TV, 54'] directed by Francois Levy-Kuentz (France, 2020) Un amour (Roman) [doc; DVD] directed by Richard Copans (France, 2014) Le Pouvoir [doc; DVD] directed by Patrick Rotman (France, 2013) Le Professeur directed by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud (France, 2012) Ici-bas [DVD] directed by Jean-Pierre Denis (France, 2012) Mission sacree [TV] directed by Daniel Vigne (France, 2011) Cigarettes et bas nylons [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2010) Les mensonges [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2010) L'amour fraternel [TV] directed by Gerard Vergez (France, 2008) La Francaise doit voter! [doc] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2007) Jean de la Fontaine [DVD] directed by Daniel Vigne (France, 2007) Les aventuriers des Mers du Sud (Im Bann der Südsee) [DVD] directed by Daniel Vigne (France, 2005) Eliane [TV] directed by Caroline Huppert (France, 2005) La petite chartreuse directed by Jean-Pierre Denis (France, 2005) Pepe Carvalho - Le Prix (Der Preis) [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2004) Jusqu'au bout directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 2004) La vie comme elle vient [TV] directed by Edwin Baily (Belgium, 2003) Le porteur de cartable (Schulfeinde) [TV] directed by Caroline Huppert (France, 2002) Sous bonne garde [TV] directed by Luc Beraud (France, 2002) L'enfant des lumieres (Ein langer Weg in die Freiheit) [TV,DVD] directed by Daniel Vigne (France, 2002) A cause d'un garcon (aka Tu verras, ca te passeras) [TV,DVD] (Alles wegen Benjamin; You'll get over it) [DVD] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2002) Un fils de notre temps (Ein Kind unserer Zeit) directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2002) L'ami de Patagonie [TV] directed by Olivier Langlois (France, 2002) Miquel Barcelo: Des trous et des bosses [doc, 72'] directed by Jean-Louis Comolli (France, 2002) Oceanie [doc, 86'] [DVD] directed by Charles Belmont (France, 2001) Jacques Lacan, la psychanalyse reinventee [doc] directed by Elisabeth Kapnist (France, 2001) Te quiero directed by Manuel Poirier (France, 2001) (part of the soundtrack is by other composers) Le Capitaine Fracasse (silent movie) [DVD] directed by Alberto Cavalcanti (France 1928/2001) Les brumes de Manchester [TV] directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe (France, 2000) Passionnement (Passionately) [V,DVD] directed by Bruno Nuytten (France, 2000) (part of the soundtrack is by other composers) Aie (Ouch) [DVD] directed by Sophie Fillieres (France, 2000) La laique [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 2000) La dette (Der ungebete Gast) [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 2000) Buenaventura Durruti, anarchiste [V; doc] directed by Jean-Louis Comolli (France, 1999) (part of the soundtrack is by L. Sanchez Ferlosio) C'est quoi la vie (What Is Life?) [DVD] directed by Francois Dupeyron (France, 1999) (part of the soundtrack is by Tetsuo Nagata) De gre ou de force (Monsieur Mobbing) [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1999) La verite vraie [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1999) Le serpent a mange la grenouille directed by Alain Guesnier (France, 1998) L'inventaire [TV] directed by Caroline Huppert (France, 1998) Mes enfants etrangers [TV] directed by Olivier Langlois (France, 1998) Un fait divers (Alptraumnacht) [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1998) Buud Yam [DVD] directed by Gaston Kabore (Burkina Faso, 1997) Les couleurs du diable (Devil's Colors) [DVD] directed by Alain Jessua (France/Italy, 1997) Melanie [TV] directed by Emmanuel Finkiel (France, 1997) Le Concerto de Mozart [TV; doc about Michel Portal] directed by Francis Marmande and Jean-Luis Comolli (France, 1997) Les mediateurs du Pacifique [doc] directed by Charles Belmont (France, 1997) Jazz Collection: Michel Portal [doc, 55'] directed by Christian Palligiano (France, 1997) Le premier qui dit non [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1997) Histoire d'hommes [TV] directed by Olivier Langlois (France, 1996) Le bel ete 1914 (Der schöne Sommer) directed by Christian de Chalonge (France, 1996) Le comedien [V] directed by Christian de Chalonge (France, 1996) L'enfant sage [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1996) Pecheur d'Islande [TV] directed by Daniel Vigne (France/USA, 1996) Capitaine Cyrano [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1995) Avoir vingt ans dans les petites villes (La vie en face) [TV doc] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1995) Docteur Semmelweis directed by Roger Andrieux (France, 1995) Michel Leiris ou L'homme sans honneur [TV doc, 48'] directed by Christophe Barreyre (France, 1995) La machine (Die Maschine) [V] directed by Francois Dupeyron (France/Germany, 1994) Paris est a nous [TV doc, 54'] directed by Romain Goupil (France, 1994) Un pull par dessus l'autre [TV] directed by Caroline Huppert (France, 1993) Est & Ouest: Les paradis perdus (East & West: Paradises Lost) [V] directed by Pierre Rival (France, 1993) L'interdiction [TV] directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe (France, 1993) Miroir de Tunis directed by Raul Ruiz (France, 1993) C'etait la guerre directed by Maurice Failevic & Ahmed Rachedi (France, 1993) Le retour de Casanova (Casanovas Rueckkehr) [V,DVD] directed by Edouard Niermans (France, 1992) (part of the soundtrack is by Bruno Coulais) La peur (Angst) [TV] directed by Daniel Vigne (France, 1992) Pour demain (Morgen) [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1992) Eugenie Grandet [TV] [V] directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe (France, 1992) Les gens du pole [doc, 52'] directed by Laurent Chevallier (France, 1992) Pulets a l'amende [TV] directed by Stephane Kurc (France, 1991) Mes coquins [TV] directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe (France, 1991) (part of the soundtrack is by Patrice Challulau) Au sud du sud [doc, 90'] directed by Laurent Chevallier (France, 1991) Michel Portal: Nomade's land [doc, 55'] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1991) La Mafia rouge [TV,V] directed by Michel Sibra (France, 1991) Ecrans de sable (Sand Screens) directed by Randa Chahal-Sabbag (Tunisia/Italy/France, 1990) Les anges (Angels; Der schwarze Engel) [TV] directed by Jacob Berger (Spain/France/..., 1990) Le diable au corps [TV, DVD] directed by Gerard Vergez (France, 1990) Peintures de guerre [TV] directed by Stephane Kurc (France, 1990) L'ami Giono: Onorato [TV] directed by Marcel Bluwal (France, 1990) Alcyon [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1989) Die toten Fische (Les poissons morts) directed by Michael Synek (Austria, 1989) Docteur Petiot (Dr. Petiot) [V] directed by Christian de Chalonge (France, 1989) Trois Annees (Three Years) directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1989) Deux minutes de soleil en plus (Two Minutes More Of Sunlight) [V] directed by Gerard Vergez (France, 1989) Ke Arteko Egunak (Dias de humo; Days Of Smoke) [V] directed by Antxon Ezeiza (Spain, 1989) Bouvard et Pecuchet [TV,DVD] directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe (France, 1989) Le train de Vienne (Der Zug aus Wien) [TV] directed by Carline Huppert (France, 1989) L'ultima luna (L'aventure de Catherine C.) [V] directed by Pierre Beuchot (Italy/France, 1989) Thailande, Les Forcats de la Mer (Thailand - Convicts of the Sea) [V;doc] directed by Jacques-Yves Cousteau (France, 1989) V comme vengeance: Une table pour six [TV] directed by Gerard Vergez (France, 1989) Les enfants du desordre (Wilde Kinder) [V] directed by Yannick Bellon (France, 1989) A corps et A cris [TV] directed by Jose Dayan (France/Italy, 1989) Marie-Antoinette, reine d'un seul amour [TV] directed by Caroline Huppert (France, 1989) Natalia [V] directed by Bernard Cohn (France, 1988) Les dossiers de l'inspecteur Lavardin: Le diable en ville [V] (Inspektor Lavardin: Der Teufel in der Stadt) directed by Christian de Chalonge (France, 1988) Prisonnieres (Gefangene) [V,DVD] directed by Charlotte Silvera (France, 1988) Nuit Bengali (Bengali Night) [DVD] directed by Philippe Diaz (France, 1988) (Portal provided only the clarinet solo) Septieme Continent - Les chiens du pole [doc, 25'] directed by Laurent Chevallier (France, 1988) L'ami Giono: Ivan Ivanovitch Kossiakov [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1987) Champ d'honneur (Field of Honor) [V] directed by Jean-Pierre Denis (France, 1987) Yeelen (La Lumiere; Brightness) [V,DVD] directed by Souleymane Cisse (Mali, 1987) Milan noir (Der schwarze Milan) directed by Ronald Chammah (France/Switzerland, 1987) (part of the soundtrack is by Alain Curvelier) En toute innocence (Mord-Skizzen) [V] directed by Alain Jessua (France, 1987) Le moine et la sorciere (Sorceress; Der Moench und die Hexe) [V] directed by Suzanne Schiffman (France/USA, 1987) Bonne chance monsieur Pic! [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1987) Pitxu, el vago [animation film, TV, 12'] directed by Jose Alberdi (Spain, 1987) Max mon amour [V,DVD] directed by Nagisa Oshima (France/USA, 1986) Une histoire de vent (Eine Geschichte ueber den Wind) directed by Joris Ivens and Marceline Loridan (France, 1986) La chambre d'ami [TV] directed by Caroline Huppert (France, 1986) Un nouveau dans la ville [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1986) Petition directed by Jean-Louis Comolli (France, 1986) Bras de fer (Operation Judas) [V] directed by Gerard Vergez (France, 1985) Shangai skipper [TV] directed by Michel Andrieu (France, 1985) L'epi d'or [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1985) Le ravi [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1985) L'echo [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1985) Le ciel du faubourg [TV] directed by Jacques Trefouel (France, 1985) Le roi de la Chine (The King Of China) directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1984) Battling le tenebreux [TV] directed by Louis Grospierre and Jean-Louis Roncoroni (France, 1984) L'aide-memoire [TV] directed by Pierre Boutron (France, 1984) Le voyage [V] directed by Michel Andrieu (France, 1984) Les cavaliers de l'orage (The Horsemen of the Storm) [V] directed by Gerard Vergez (France/Yugoslavia, 1984) L'ennemi public no. 2 (Der grosse Deal) [V] directed by Jean Claude Cartier (France, 1984) L'ile bleue [TV] directed by Jean-Claude Guidicelli (France, 1983) Le jardinier recalcitrant [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1983) Le fou du desert [TV] directed by Jacques Trefouel (France, 1983) Lettres du bagne (Zeugnis aus der grünen Hölle) [TV,DVD] directed by Jean l'Hote (France, 1983) Balles perdues (Der Diamantenpoker; Eine Leiche kommt selten allein) [V] directed by Jean-Louis Comolli (France, 1982) Cafe Plongeoir directed by Jerome Boivin (France, 1982) Paradis pour tous [V,DVD] directed by Alain Jessua (France, 1982) (music composed by Rene Koering and performed by Michel Portal) Le retour de Martin Guerre (Die Wiederkehr des Martin Guerre) [V,DVD] directed by Daniel Vigne (France, 1982) Fou comme l'oiseau [TV] directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve (France, 1982) L'ombre rouge (The Red Shadow; Geheimaktion Marseille) [V] directed by Jean-Louis Comolli (France, 1981) Droit de reponse: L'esprit de contradictione [TV series] directed by Maurice Dugowson (France, 1981) La ville noire [TV] directed by Jacques Trefouel (France, 1981) Le cheval-vapeur [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France 1981) Le beau monde [TV] directed by Michel Polac (France, 1981) Les saltimbanques [TV] directed by Maurice Failevic (France, 1981) La sourde oreille [TV] directed by Michel Polac (France, 1980) L'homme sandwich [TV] directed by Michel Polac (France 1979) Le grand inquisteur [TV] directed by Raoul Sangla (France, 1979) Les petits soirs [TV] directed by Raoul Sangla (France, 1979) La memoire courte (Short Memory) [V,DVD] directed by Eduardo de Gregorio (France, 1979) Les chiens (The dogs; Die Hunde) [V] directed by Alain Jessua (France, 1979) L'adoption (The adoption; Verhaengnisvolle Freundschaft) [V] directed by Marc Grunebaum (France, 1978) Ecoute voir... (Look, See; See here my love) directed by Hugo Santiago (France, 1978) (part of the music is by Edgardo Canton) Ski Romance [doc, short film] directed by Jean-Jacques Languepin (France, 1978) Pour Clemence (For Clemence) directed by Charles Belmont (France, 1977) (part of the soundtrack is by Jean Schwarz and Jean-Francois Jenny Clark) Michel Portal, la clarinette [doc, 60'] directed by Denis Chegaray (France, 1977) Un comique ne [TV] directed by Michel Polac (France, 1977) Les Conquistadores (The Conquistadors) directed by Marco Pauly (France, 1976) (part of the soundtrack is by Joachim Kuhn and Daniel Humair) Serail [DVD] directed by Eduardo de Gregorio (France, 1976) La Cecilia [DVD] directed by Jean-Louis Comolli (France/Italy, 1975) Une nuit en Lorraine [TV] directed by Raoul Coutard (France, 1975) France Societe Anonyme [V] directed by Alain Corneau (France, 1973) (music composed by Clifton Chenier) Le blanc et le noir [s] directed by Rufus & Claude Jaeger (France, 1973) Mirza [s] directed by Rufus (France, 1972) Alechinsky d'apres nature [doc, 20', 16mm] directed by Luc de Heusch (Belgium 1970) (music by Michel Portal, Barre Phillips, Jean-Pierre Drouet) (DVD release: Luc De Heusch - Art & Cinema (CINEMATEK, 2013)) Feu [s] directed by Claude Jaeger (France, 1970) Alger insolite (aka Tahia ya Didou) directed by Mohamed Zinet (Algeria, 1970) (music by Michel Portal, Barre Phillips, Jean-Pierre Drouet) Le mime Pradel [TV, s] (France, 1970) Hoa-Binh [DVD] directed by Raoul Coutard (France, 1969) Un fils unique (An only son) directed by Michel Polac (France, 1969) (music by Michel Portal, Jean-Pierre Drouet) Les trois cousins [s] directed by Rene Vauthier (France, 1969) (music by Michel Portal, Francoise Starckenberg) Money-Money directed by Jose Varela (France, 1968) Haexan (Witchcraft through the ages) (silent movie from 1922) [V,DVD] re-edited by Antony Balch (England, 1968) (music by Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, Jean-Luc Ponty, Bernard Lubat, Guy Pedersen) Al-Kharijounr'an al-qanoun (Les Hors-la-loi) directed by Tewfik Fares (Algeria, 1968) (composed by Georges Moustaki; played by Michel Portal, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Areski) Le viol (A Question of Rape/Overgreppet/The Rape) [V] directed by Jacques Doniol-Valcroze (France/Sweden, 1967) Les Idoles [DVD] directed by Marc'O (France, 1967) (music composed by Patrick Greussay and Stephane Vilar) Soleil de Pierre [s] directed by Jean-Pierre Baux (France, 1967) Gromaire [doc, 11'] directed by Francois Reichenbach (France, 1967) Cinematographie [s] directed by D. Goldschmidt & Jacqueline Meppiel (France, 1966) (part of the soundtrack is by other composers) Cameroun [s] directed by Jean-Luc Magneron (France, 1965) (music composed by Andre Hodeir) Paris Blues [V] directed by Martin Ritt (France/USA, 1961) (music composed by Duke Ellington)

According to an interview from 1998 Michel Portal had already written music scores for 145 films at that time!