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This is a list of released records by and with Nana Vasconcelos. It is ordered chronologically where the year refers, in general, to the recording date. All items are in LP format unless stated otherwise. An asterisk (*) indicates that this record has been re-issued on CD. Releases from 1987 onwards are all available as CDs and therefore no special indication is made. Also all ECM records are available in CD format.

Most likely more records with Nana Vasconcelos have been released in Brazil. Specifically, he must have been involved in many more recordings released by the Mocambo/Rozenblit label in Recife in the 1960s. E.g., interviews with Nana suggest that he played on records by Nelson Ferreira among others.

I would welcome any further informations on those records as well as on any other omissions.

Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages are, in general, not included in this list.

I would like to thank Andrew Florea, Ricardo & Giselda, N. Scott Robinson, Kees Schoof, Antonio Alfaiate, Gary Corben, Jose Teles, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Lauro Tomio, and Nelio Rodrigues for their help and encouragement with this discography.

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Bienvenido Granda: Cuba e Brasil. Mocambo LP 60000; 1958 * InterCD Records R 22014 (Nana's involvement is not confirmed) Agostinho dos Santos: ditto. (7" EP). Tecla TE 1007 (P) 1966 Agostinho dos Santos: Africa canta Agostinho dos Santos. 1966 (7" EP). Tecla TE 1009 (P) Agostinho dos Santos: A banda. (7" EP). Tecla TE 1011 (P) 1966 Agostinho dos Santos. Rozenblit 40.364 (Br); * Eldorado/ 1967 InterCD Records R 31001 (Br) (This is a compilation LP/CD featuring all tracks from the three Tecla EPs listed above.) Lisette: Infinito/Severino do Sertao. (7" single). Mocambo/ 1967 Rozenblit CS-1275 (Br) Teca (Terezinha Calazans): Aquela rosa/Cirandas. 1967 (7" single). Mocambo/Rozenblit CS-1290 (Br) (V.A.:) O Brasil canta no Rio - Festival I Nacional de Musica Popular Brasileira. Itamaraty Itam7049 1968 (Nana is on the track 'Dia cheio de ogun' by Edy Souza) Marcos Valle: Mustang cor de sangue. Odeon MOFB 3588; * 1969 Milton Nascimento: ditto. Odeon MOFB 3592; * EMI 830432-2 1969 (V.A.:) IV Festival Internacional da Cancao Popular, Rio 1969 1969, "Ao Vivo". (2-LP). Philips R 765.090 L (Nana is on the track 'Copacabana, velha de guerra' by Joyce) Joyce: Encontro Marcado: Philips R 765.099 L; * 1969 Jards Macale: So morto. (7" EP). RGE CD 80.283 (Br) 1970 * RGE/Discobertas OPT64758-2 (V.A.:) O Fino Da Musica No Cinema Brasileiro. Museu da 1970 Imagem e do Som LP-MIS-023 (Br) (Nana is on the track 'Tema de abertura' by Milton Nascimento) Luiz Eca y La Familia Sagrada: La nueva onda del Brasil. 1970 RVV-1136 (Mex); (retitled: Onda Nova do Brasil) * Lazarus Audio Products CD-2015 (US) Luiz Bonfa: The new face of Bonfa. RCA Victor LSP-4376; 1970 * RCA/BMG CD 74321985412 (V.A.:) Verao Vermelho. (soundtrack LP). Philips R765.110L 1970 (Nana is said to be on the tracks by Luiz Eca) (V.A.:) Irmaos Coragem. (soundtrack LP). Philips R765.119L 1970 (Nana is on the track 'Bachiana No 5' by Joyce) Os Mutantes: A divina comedia ou ando meio desligado. 1970 Polydor LPNG 44048, Polygram 8258851 (Br); * Omplatten Fjord 3 Som Imaginario. Odeon SMOFB 3658; * EMI 591 033-2 1970 Milton Nascimento: Milton. EMI-Odeon SMOAB 6004 (Br); * 1970 EMI 830433-2 (Br) Gal Costa: Le Gal. Philips 765.126; * Mercury 510 221-2 1970 Werther: ditto. Stylo SSLP 1 (Br) 1970 Gato Barbieri: Minha namorada. (8" acetate). Audio 1971 Studio B (Br) El increible Nana con Agustin Pereyra Lucena. Tonodisc 1971 TON-1020 (Arg); * Altercat Records ALTCD009 Gato Barbieri: Fenix. Flying Dutchman FD 10144; 1971 * BMG 74321 37506-2 Gato Barbieri: El pampero. Flying Dutchman FD 10151; 1971 * BMG 74321 31314-2 Oliver Nelson: Swiss suite. Flying Dutchman FD 10149; 1971 * BMG 74321 85158-2 Leon Thomas: Gold sunrise on magic mountain. Mega 51-5003; 1971 Philips 6269 413 (F) Gato Barbieri: Live in Buenos Ayres. Oxford OX/3003 (I) 1971 Gato Barbieri: I Maestri del Jazz. * MJ 1063-1 (I) 1972 (released in 1991) Gato Barbieri: Last Tango In Paris. (2-CD). * Quartet 1972 Records QR209 (presumably Nana plays on the original score for this film, first released in 2016, cf. CD 1 of this set) Nana Vasconcelos: Africadeus. Saravah SH 10039; 1972 * Mantra 039/040 (F), Omagatoki OMCX-1182 (J), Yamaha Music YMCP-10034 (J) Don Cherry: Organic music society. Caprice RIKS LP 44,50 1972 (Sw). (2-LP); * Caprice Records CAP 21827 Jean-Luc Ponty: Sonata Erotica. Pierre Cardin STEC 133 (F), 1972 (retitled: Live at Montreux) Inner City IC 1003; (titled: Sonata Erotica) * Editions Atlas JA-CD 2094 (F) Rolf Kuehn: The day after. MPS/BASF G 21604 1972 (V.A.:) 10 ans de Saravah. (4-LP). Saravah SHC 50.001 1972 (contains the track 'Kirie' performed by Nana); (2-CD). * Mantra 021/022 (V.A.:) Dites 33! Volume 1. * Saravah SHL 2099 1972 (released in 2002) Organic Music Theatre: Chateauvallon 1972. (2-CD) * Blank 1972 Forms Editions BF-023 (released in 2021) Raimundo Fagner. Maneira frufru maneira. Phonogram 6349.066, 1973 Fontana 6488.101; * Philips 848 215-2 (Br) (V.A.:) Phono 73 - O Canto de Um Povo - Disco 2. Phonogram 1973 6349.074; * Philips 563 854-2 (Nana is on the track by Fagner, and possibly on others too) Milton Nascimento: Milagre dos peixes. Odeon XSMOFB 3762, 1973 EMI-Odeon 31C 062 421254 (Br); * Intuition INT 3008-2 Joao Donato: Quem e quem. Odeon SMOFB 3785 (Br), 1973 * EMI 829 124-2 (Br); EMI Odeon TOCP-50638 (J) Clementina de Jesus: Marinheiro So. Odeon SMOFB 3787 (Br), 1973 EMI-Odeon 31C 062 412201; (retitled: 2 em 1) * EMI-Odeon 364 780915-2 Nana Vasconcelos: Amazonas. Philips 6349.079 (Br) 1973 Nana Vasconcelos/Nelson Angelo/Novelli. Saravah SH 10044; 1974 * Mantra 039/040 (F); Omagatoki OMCX-1182 (J) Nana Vasconcelos: ditto. * Omagatoki OMCX-1182 (J) 1972/1974 (Japanese release that includes Nana's two Saravah LPs plus a bonus track recorded in December 1974); Yamaha Music YMCP-10034 (J) (re-issue from 2012 with 'Kirie Elei Son' as additional bonus track) Pierre Akendengue: Nandipo. Saravah SH 10045; * Saravah/ 1974 Media7 SHL 1051 Jack Treese: Maitro the truffle man. Saravah SH 10046; 1974 * (reissued as: Me and company) Saravah/Media7 SHL 2070 Mahjun: ditto. Saravah SH 10047; * Mantra 037 1974 Jean-Roger Caussimon: ditto. Saravah SH 10048; (reissued 1974 as: L'integral, Vol. 3) * Saravah/Adda 591003, Saravah/Media7 SHL 1003 Baikida E. J. Carroll: Orange fish tears. Palm 13 (F); 1974 * Souffle Continu 088CD Pierre et Dominique Barouh: La nuit des masques/Le 1974 rossignol. (7" single). Saravah SH40056 The Spoils of War: II. * Shadoks SHAD 033CD (D) 1974 (released in 2005) Larry Martin: Do not lean out of the window. Saravah 1975 SH 10054 Chic Streetman: Growing up. Saravah SH 10055 1975 Chic Streetman: Ode to Mafeen/Rag man. (7" single). 1975 Saravah SH40059 ("Ode to Mafeen" differs from the version on the LP "Growing up"; this 7" version can be also found on: Saravah for Cafe Apres-midi 2. * Omagatoki OMCX-1074 (J)) (V.A.:) Bar Music - Precious Time for 22:00 Later. 1975 * Nippon Columbia/Core Port RPOP-10015 (contains yet another version of "Ode to Mafeen"; released in 2016) (V.A.:) Saravah Jazz. (2-CD). * Nippon Columbia/Core Port 1975 RPOZ-10019~20 (contains another alternative version of "Ode to Mafeen"; released in 2016) David McNeil: J'ai deja fait mon arche. Saravah SH 10057 1975 Joachim Kuehn: Hip elegy. MPS 68066; * Universal/MPS 1975 060249808186 Teca & Ricardo: Caminho das aguas. Moshe Naim MN 10026 (F); 1975 (retitled: Chants et musiques du Bresil 2) * Moshe Naim MN 43 702 (F) Claude Nougaro: Bresilien/La statue de l'homme. (7" single). 1975 Barclay 62151 (Nana is on 'La statue'.) (reissued on: Africa Brazil CD 5) * Mercury/Universal 982 239-4 Saro Liotta: L'attesa. RCA TPL1-1209 (I) 1976 Manduka: ditto. Le Chant Du Monde LDX 74594 (F) 1976 Teca & Ricardo: Cade o povo. ARC ZA 2004 (F); Movieplay 1976 17.1179/1 (E); * Pulpflavor Records DD029CD (F) Joyce with Nana Vasconcelos & Mauricio Maestro: Visions of 1976 Dawn. * Farout Records FARO138CD (released in 2009) Richard Gotainer: Poil à la pub. Gatkess/Virgin 70 311; 1976 * Gatkess/Virgin 303556 Egberto Gismonti: Danca das cabecas. ECM 1089; EMI 31C 064 1976 61137 (Br) Jon Hassell: Vernal equinox. Lovely Music LML-1021; * 1976 Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz: Roundtrip. Transversales 1977 Disques TRS26 (released in 2023) Egberto Gismonti: Sol do meio dia. ECM 1116; EMI 31C 064 1977 62692 (Br) Jacques Thollot: Resurgence. Musica MUS 3021 (F) 1977 Walter Davis: Abide with me. Denon YX-7528-ND (J); 1977 (retitled: Illumination) * Denon DC-8553 Harry Belafonte: Turn the world around. CBS CB86045, 1977 CBS/Sony 5AP-1581 Joyce: Natureza. * Farout Records FARO234CD 1977 (released in 2022) Sergio Mendes: Brasil '88. Elektra 6E-134; 1978 * Elektra/BMG CD 74321949972 (Br) Collin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos: Codona. 1978 ECM 1132; * Lloyd McNeill: Tori. Baobab Records BE645-2 1978 Marcello Melis: Free to dance. Black Saints BSR0023; * 1978 George Ohtsuka: Maracaibo cornpone. Trio Records PAP-9122, 1978 Trio Records PA-9759; * Art Union/AMJ ABCJ-48 (J), Art Union/AMJ ABCJ-507 (J) Perry Robinson/Nana Vasconcelos/Badal Roy: Kundalini. 1978 Improvising Artists IAI 37.38.56; * Zbignew Seifert: Passion. Capitol ST 11923 1978 Jon Hassell: Earthquake island. Tomato 7019; * 1978 Guilherme Vergueiro: Naturalmente. RCA GV 001 (Br); 1978 Whatmusic WMLP 0001; * Whatmusic Marcelino Buru: Sessao Cabidela. Kinguele Xango 78331 (F); 1978 * Kinguele (Br) Don Cherry: Full moon. Atlantic Records (unreleased) 1978 (V.A.:) Creative Music Studio - Archive Selections Volume 2. 1978 (3-CD). * Planet Arts PA 301547 (USA) (released in 2015) Nana Vasconcelos: Saudades. ECM 1147; * 1979 Egberto Gismonti, Nana Vasconcelos, Walter Smetak. 1979 (Compilation of previously released recordings). Abril Cultural HMPB-71 (Br) Dwight Andrews: Mmoita-The little people. Otic 1007 1979 Terumasa Hino: City connection. Flying Disc VIJ6020 (J) 1979 The Brazilian Beat of Guanabara. Baystate RJL-8040 (J) 1979 Jay Hoggard: Days like these. Arista GRP 5004; * 1979 Lloyd McNeill: Elegia. Baobab Records no. 3; 1979 * Soul Jazz SJRCD 429 Woody Shaw: For sure!. Columbia FC 36383 1979 Milton Nascimento: Journey to dawn. A&M Records; * 1979 Cruising. (soundtrack). (3-LP). Columbia/Waxwork Records 1979 WW044 (released in 2019; Nana is on the track by E. Gismonti) Collin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos: Codona 2. 1980 ECM 1177; * Ron Carter: Patrao. Milestone M 9099; * Original Jazz 1980 Classics OJC CD-778-2 Boca Livre: Bicicleta. BL-002 (Br) 1980 Raimundo Fagner. CBS 230.040 (Br) 1980 Robertinho Silva. MPBC. Philips 6328 299 (Br) 1980 Os Borges: ditto. EMI-Odeon 31C 064 422883, 1980 * EMI 593 305-2 Jards Macale: Let's play that. * Rock Company RCCD01 (Br) 1980 Jan Garbarek: Eventyr. ECM 1200 1980 Jon Hassell/Brian Eno: Possible musics. EG Records EGED 7 1980 Jon Hassell: Sulla strada. Materiali Sonori MASO 12957.0066 1980 (I) Terumasa Hino: Daydream. Inner City IC 6069 1980 Pat Metheny: As falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls. 1980 ECM 1190 Jeremy Steig/Eddie Gomez: Rainforest. CMP Records CMP 12ST 1980 Chaka Khan: Naughty. WEA WB 56713; * 1980 B.B. King: Live "Now appearing" at Ole Miss. (2-LP). 1980 MCA 2-8016; * Ryo Kawasaki & The Golden Dragon: Little tree. Open Sky/ 1980 Sony 25AP1897; * One Voice VACV-0005 Shigeharu Mukai: Pleasure. Better Days YX-7266-ND (J); 1980 * Columbia COCB-53839 (J) Maracaibo. Trio Records PAP-9214 (J); 1980 * Art Union/AMJ ABCJ-493 (J) (V.A.:) Creative Music Studio - Archive Selections, Vol 1. 1980 (3-CD). * Innova 805 (USA) (released in 2014) Nana Vasconcelos, Steve Gorn, Badal Roy, Mike Richmond: 1981 Asian Journal. (cassette). Music Of The World J-101; * Music of the World CHC-303; Nomad NMD 50303 (CD reissues include different/additional tracks) (V.A.:) Woodstock Jazz Festival. (DVD). Pioneer Artists 1981 PA-98-596-D Pat Metheny: Offramp. ECM 1216; * 1981 Pat Metheny Group: Salt Lake. * Paradise P1040-2 (I) 1981 Pat Metheny Group: Jaco. * Jazz Masters JM-015 1981 Yoshio Suzuki: Wings. Trio Records PAP-25013; * Art Union/ 1981 AMJ ABCJ-53 (J) Collin Walcott/Don Cherry/Nana Vasconcelos: Codona 3. 1982 ECM 1243; * Pat Metheny: Travels. (2-LP). ECM 1252/53. 1982 (V.A.:) Jazz Expressions - 30 Years of Great Music. 1982 (2-DVD). Imavision 10-1513 (Nana is on the track by Pat Metheny; released in 2009) Chico Freeman: The search. India Navigation IN 1059; 1982 * In + Out Records CD 7010-2 Raimundo Fagner: Fagner. CBS 138.250 (Br); * 1982 Jon Lucien: Romantico. Zemajo/Precision PRC-LP-2102; 1982 * Sugar Apple Music 1001, Orchard 802467 Arthur Rimbaud: Illuminations. Paris Album PLB 28520 1982 Nana Vasconcelos: Zumbi. Europa JP 2013 1983 Bob Moses: When elephants dream of music. Gramavision 1983 GR-8203; * Jim Pepper. Comin' and goin'. Europa JP 2014; * Antilles/ 1983 Island ANCD8706, Bellaphon 290.31.029 Mara: Ntsano. Red Records VPA 171 (I) 1983 Michael Franks: Passionfruit. Warner Bros. 92-3962-1 1983 (V.A.:) Bahia de Todos os Sambas. (video). Sagres/SAG164 1983 (Br) Nana Vasconcelos: Rekebra/Nanatroniko. (12" Maxi single). 1984 Bagaria BAG-X 0190784 (I) Nana Vasconcelos: Nanatronics. (unreleased) 1984 Egberto Gismonti/Nana Vasconcelos: Duas voces. ECM 1279 1984 Egberto Gismonti/Nana Vasconcelos: Jazzbuehne Berlin '84. 1984 * Repertoire Records RR 4906-CC Enrico Rava: Rava string band. Soul Note SN 1114; * 1984 Pierre Favre: Singing drums. ECM 1274; * 1984 Pino Daniele: Musicante. * EMI CDP 746806-2 (I) 1984 Pino Daniele: Scio (Live). * EMI CDP 2-090 794022-2 (I) 1984 Pino Daniele: Scio Live - 40th Anniversary Album. (3-LP). 1984 Warner Music WETL9798695 (released in 2024; includes 4 bonus tracks with Nana) Claudio Roditi: Red on red. Green Street GS 2001, CTI 9011 1984 Talking Heads: Little creatures. EMI CDP 7 46158-2; * 1985 Lyle Mays: ditto. Geffen Records 24097-2; * 1985 Gianluca Mosole Group: Eartheart. * Durium NDCD-204 (I) 1985 Nana Vasconcelos/Antonello Salis: Lester. Soul Note 1985 SN 121157 Nana Vasconcelos: Bush dance. Antilles ANCD 8701; * 1986 Don Cherry/Nu: Jazz Legends. * BBCJ 7004-2 1986 Geraldo Azevedo: De outra maneira. RCA/Echo 109.0157; * 1986 Ginger Baker: Horses and trees. Celluloid CELD 6126; * 1986 Jack DeJohnette: Irresistible forces. Impulse/MCA 5992; 1986 * Impulse\MCA MCAD-5992 Janet Grice: Song for Andy. Optimism OP 3203 (US); * 1986 Nana Simopoulos: Wings and air. Enja 5031; * 1986 John Zorn: Filmworks. Elektra-Nonesuch 9 79270-2; * 1986 Desperately seeking Susan/Making Mr. Right. (Soundtrack). 1986 * Varese VCD-47291 (V.A.:) Batouka. 1st International Festival of Percussion. 1986 (video). Silex (F) Papete: ditto. 3M Records 3M9.004; * Atracao 789192E12 1987 Mark Helias: The current set. Enja 5041-2 1987 John Lurie: Down by law. Crammed Discs MTM 14 1987 NU: Live in Glasgow. available as Digital album/download at 1987 (released in 2021) Nana Vasconcelos: Rain dance. Antilles ANCD 8741 1988 de Winkel/Hattler: Humanimal talk. verabra Records 23 1988 Ambitious Lovers: Greed. Virgin 7 90903-2 1988 Jan Garbarek: Legend of the seven dreams. ECM 1381 1988 Milton Nascimento: Miltons. Columbia FC 45239 1988 Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition: Live at the Montreal 1988 Jazz Festival 1988. (Laser Disc) Videoarts VAL-3893 (J) Laurie Anderson: Strange angels. Warner Bros. 9 25900-2 1989 Danny Gottlieb: Whirlwind. Atlantic 781958-2 1989 Gary Thomas: By any means necessary. JMT 834432-2 1989 Don Cherry: Multikulti. A & M 395 323-2 1989 Natt Jazz 20 Ar. (This CD is shared with other artists). 1989 Grappa Records GRCD 103 (N) Eliane Elias plays Jobim. Blue Note CDP 793089-2 1989 Caetano Veloso: Estrangeiro. Elektra Musician 9 60898-2 1989 Jan Garbarek: I took up the runes. ECM 1419 1990 Mordy Ferber: All the way to Sendai. Enja 6030-2 1990 Jean-Marie Machado: Vibracordes. VB 054 CD (F) 1990 Peter Scherer/Arto Lindsay: Pretty ugly. Crammed Discs 1990 MTM 23 Ryuichi Sakamoto: Beauty. Virgin VUSLP 14 1990 Masahiko Satoh: Randooga - Select Live under the Sky 1990. 1990 Sony Epic ESCA 5171 (J) Carly Simon: Have you seen me lately?. Arista Records 8650 1990 Paul Simon: Rhythm of the saints. Warner Bros. 26098-2 1990 (V.A.:) The soul of Samba. (video). Charly Video VIDJAM 38 1990 Trilok Gurtu: Living magic. CMP Records CMP CD 50 1990/91 Nana Vasconcelos: Heart Beat. (unreleased) 1991 Arild Andersen: Sagn. ECM 1435 1991 Paul Sullivan: Nights in the gardens of Maine. River Music 1991 Records WS 104-2. Fredy Studer: Seven songs. verabra Records vBr 2056-2 1991 Ambitious Lovers: Lust. Elektra 9 60981-2 1991 Marisa Monte: Mais. World Pacific CDP 7 96104-2 1991 Toninho Horta: Moonstone. Verve Forecast 839734-2 1991 Ednaldo Queiroz: Danca cigana. Estudio Eldorado 584.023 1991 Caetano Veloso: Circulado. Verve 510 639-2 1991 Andy Summers: World gone strange. Private Music 82088-2 1991 Safy Boutella: Mejnoun. Indigo/Label Bleu LBLC 2501 (F) 1991 Akiko Yano: Love life. Epic Sony ESCB-1255 (J) 1991 Eduardo de Crescenzo: Cante Jondo. Ricordi CDMRL 6430 (I) 1991 Joe Amoruso: Una rosa del mare di mezzo. Festa Record 1992 4509 90503-2 (I) Eliane Elias: Fantasia. Blue Note CDP 7961 462-2 1992 Koichi Makigami: Koroshi no blues. TO-Eastworld TOCT-6496 1992 Pat Metheny: Secret Story. Geffen Records 24468; 1992 Nonesuch/Warner 7559799810 David Sanborn: Upfront. WEA 7559 61272-2 1992 Clive Stevens: Language of secret hearts. EFA 06460 1992 Yellowjackets: Like a river. GRP 9689-2 1992 Arild Andersen: If you look far enough. ECM 1493 1993 Beverley Craven: Love scenes. Sony EPIC 474517-2 1993 Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Union Cafe. Polygram 518 410-2 1993 (V.A.:) Come together - Guitar tribute to the Beatles. NYC 1993 Records 6004-2 Aztec Camera: Dreamland. WEA 4509 92492-2 1993 Eliane Elias: Paulistana. Blue Note CDP 0777 7 89544-2 1993 Flying Monkey Orchestra: Back in the pool. Monkeyville 60101 1993 Gipsy Kings: Love & Liberte. Columbia 474 950-2 1993 Orphy Robinson: The vibes describes. Blue Note 29223 1993 Dip in the pool: The sea of serenity. Epic Sony ESCD-1401 1993 Akiko Yano: Love is here. Epic Sony ESCB-1403 (J) 1993 Arild Andersen: Arv. Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD 133 (N) 1994 Sondre Bratland: Gjest I Verda. Kirkelig Kulturverksted 1994 FXCD 135 (N) (V.A.:) Arcane. Real World CDRW 40 1994 Jonathan Butler: Head to head. Mercury 522 682-2 1994 Marisa Monte: Rose and charcoal. EMI 8 30080-2 1994 Mundo Livre S/A: Samba esquema noise. Banguela/Warner Bros. 1994 M997226-2 Milton Nascimento: Angelus. WEA 9362 45499-2 1994 Ingrid Sertso: Dance with it. Enja CD 8024-2 1994 Trio da Paz: Black Orpheus. Kokopelli Records KOKO 1299-2 1994 Ivo Perelman: Man of the forest. GM Recordings 3029 1994 (V.A.:) Lambarena. Bach to Africa. An Homage to Albert 1994 Schweitzer. Sony Classics SK 64542. Nana Vasconcelos: Contando Estorias (Storytelling). Velas 1995 11-V058 (Br), EMI 7243 8 33444-2 Peter Scherer: Very Neon pet. Capitol CDP 7243 8 31600 2 1995 A.Sheppard/N.Vasconcelos/St.Lodder: Inclassificable. 1995 Label Bleu LBLC 6583 (F) U.Srinivas/Michael Brook: Dream. Real World CDRW 47 1995 Boca Livre: Americana. Velas 11-V108 (Br) 1995 Mordy Ferber: Mr. X. Ozone EFA 1505-2 1995 Tupahn: Foreshadows. Pioneer PICP-1104 (J), Spix-N-Mix 1995 SM 2001 (J) Arto Lindsay: O Corpo Sutil - The subtle body. Gut Record 1995 SC CG 3010 (J), Rykodisc RCD 10369 Geisha Girls: The Geisha Girls Show. For Life Records 1995 FLCG-3011 Francis Bebey: Travail au noir. Sonodisc CD 13907 1995 Peter Scherer: Cronologia. Tzadik TZ 7502 1996 Chico Cesar: Cuscuz cla. MZA 011068-2 1996 Nigel Kennedy: Kafka. EMI 8 52212-2 1996 Nigel Kennedy: Autumn regrets. (4-track CD-single). 1996 EMI 0724388324724 The west. (Soundtrack). CBS/Sony 62727 1996 Aquilo del Nisso: Festa Brasileira. Visom VICD 00098 (Br) 1996 Nana Vasconcelos: Fragments - Modern tradition. Tzadik 1997 TZ 7506; Nucleo Contemporaneo NC 018 NooVooDoo: Holylands. Fore Reel 19107-1359-2 1997 Taro Hakase: Watashi. Sony ESCB 1809 (J) 1997 Marisa Monte: A great noise. Capitol 53353B 1997 Cyro Baptista: Villa Lobos Vira Loucos. Avant Avan 061 1997 Nika: Faith. CWS Records (unreleased) 1997 Arto Lindsay: Reentry. For Life Records FLCG-3033 (J) 1997 Arto Lindsay: Noon chill. Rykodisc RCD 10436+1 (contains 1998 the above record as bonus CD) Songs of the Witchblade. (soundtrack). DreamWorks Records 1998 DRMD-50102 Seigen Ono (and Arto Lindsay): Comme des garcons + Remixes. 1998 (2-CD). Saidera Records/ESCB neOSITE Discs 1907-08 (J) Alceu Valenca: Forro de todos os temps. Oasis 759.102/2 - 1998 490224 Monica Salmaso: Trampolim. Pau Brasil PB 012 1998 Vinicius Cantuaria: Amor Brasileiro. Gutbounce Records 1998 GTBC-0014 (J) (V.A.:) Ondasonora - Red Hot + Lisbon. Movie Play MOV30.375 1998 John Lurie: Fishing with John. S&B SB 0014 1998 Orquestra Popular de Camara: ditto. Nucleo Contemporaneo 1998 NC 008 (V.A.:) Pernambuco Soul. (promotional CD supposedly 1998 included in some issues of the Brazilian newspaper "Diario de Pernamubo") Manasses, Fagner & Nana Vasconcelos: New Nordeste 1998 (unreleased) Gil Jardim: Soprador de vidro. Nucleo Contemporaneo NC 010 1999 Vinicius Cantuaria: Tucuma. Verve 559 863-2 1999 Diana Miranda: Nordestina. Hear We Go 38268 1999 Oswaldo Lenine: Na pressao. BMG 74321 682352 1999 Nana Vasconcelos: Contaminacao. Estudio M. Officer MF 1000 1999 Uma aventura de Zico. (soundtrack). Abril Music 1405001-2 1999 (V.A.:) Baiao de Viramundo - Tributo a Luiz Gonzaga. 1999 Candeeiro/yb?cd 004 (Br) (V.A.:) Brasil Curumin. (presumably unreleased) 1999 Cristina Amaral: Anjo azul. MZA Music 012 940-2 (Br) 1999 Maciel Melo: Isso vale um abraco. Mangaio 170.029 (Br) 1999 (V.A.:) Recife Frevo E IV. Polydisc 482.528 (Br) 2000 (V.A.:) Carnaval do Recife. Via Som VS-20005 (Br) 2000 Chico Cesar: Mama Mundi. Emarcy Records 02895438942-2 2000 Ze Ramalho: Nacao Nordestina. (2-CD). BMG 74321 75467-2 2000 Milton Nascimento and Gilberto Gil: Milton & Gil. WEA 2000 5738573820; Atlantic 8573-82810-2 A maquina. (Soundtrack CD). Candeeiro 2105270300 (Br) 2000 Luciano Magno: ditto. Polysom 482.600/2-470.469 (Br) 2000 Coral Madeira De Lei: Canto de amor a Recife e Olinda. 2000 SF 050 1070800 (Br) Via Sat: ditto. Morango Music 199.008.82 (Br) 2000 Ebel Perrelli: Portal. Via Som VS-20008 (Br) 2000 Gonzaga Leal: O olhar brasileiro. Opus Discos (Br) 2000 Cordel do Fogo Encantado: ditto. Rec Beat Discos MR 0167 2001 (V.A.:) Mehinaku - Message from Amazon. (2-CD). World Music 2001 MCD 097 (Br) < B P M >: Urban Bossa Vol 2. (2-CD). World Music MCD 110 2001 Geraldo Maia: Astrolabio. CHESF 388.423.354/87 (Br) 2001 Nana Vasconcelos e Itamar Assumpção: Isso vai dar 2001 repercussão. Elo Music ELO-0009 (Br) Fenix: Eu, Causa e Efeito. Nikita Music 25.05.369-2 (Br); 2001 Traumton Records/Indigo CD 1840-2 (D) Kelly Benevides: Trafego Local. 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This CD was sold together with the Italian magazine "Musica Jazz" no. 780, 9/2016) Alem do homem. (DVD film). Imagem Filmes DVD 103.945 2018 Lui Coimbra: Roda_Flor. Biscoito Fino (Br) 2023


Os deuses e os mortos directed by Ruy Guerra; Brazil 1970 (The soundtrack was composed by Milton Nascimento) Pindorama directed by Arnaldo Jabor; Brazil 1970 (The soundtrack was composed by Gato Barbieri and Guilherme Magalhaes Vaz) (released by Globo Video and on DVD by Versatil DVD-1930) Minha namorada directed by Zelito Viana; Brazil 1970 (The soundtrack was composed by Gato Barbieri) (released by Globo Video) O rei dos milagres directed by Joel Barcellos; Brazil 1971 (The soundtrack was composed by Gato Barbieri) O Capitao Bandeira Contra o Doutor Moura Brasil directed by Antonio Calmon; Brazil 4/1971 (The soundtrack was composed and performed by Nelson Angelo, Nana, Mauricio Maestro, Joyce) Explosion (TV film, RAI) directed by Mario Orfini; Italy 1972 Central Park (TV film, RAI) directed by Gianni Amico; Italy 1972 (Nana's involvement needs to be confirmed!) 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Blues metropolitano directed by Salvatore Piscicelli; Italy 1985 (Nana mentioned in the credits but cannot be seen in the film) Put Blood in the Music (doc, 75') directed by Charles Atlas; UK 1989 (Nana appears in the clip about Arto Lindsay/Ambitious Lovers) Goree. On the other side of the Water (doc, 26') directed by Didier Grousset; 1990 Uakti & Nana Vasconcelos (3'40") videoclip (Emvideo) directed by Eder Santos; Brazil 1998 Bahia de todos os sambas (Bay of All Samba) (doc) dir. by Paulo Cesar Saraceni and Leon Hirszman (filmed in August 1983, Rome) Brazil 1999 O Avesso da Bossa (doc) directed by Rogerio Gallo; Brazil 2001 Guardians of the Bow (doc about Nana Vasconcelos; 54') directed by Roger Lucey; Angola/Mozambique/South Africa 2004 Nana e os Maracatus (documentary film, 28') directed by Marcílio Brandão; Brazil 2004 A Pessoa e Para o Que Nasce (Born to Be Blind) (documentary film, 65') directed by Roberto Berliner and Leonardo Domingues; Brazil 2004 (released on DVD; features an otherwise unreleased song by Gilberto Gil with Nana and a short appearance of Nana himself) Diario de Nana (doc about Nana Vasconcelos; 60') directed by Paschoal Samora; Brazil 2006 (possibly released on DVD) Terra, Batuque, Trovao (doc, 52') directed by Eric Laurence; Brazil 2011 Casa 9 (doc, 75') directed by Luiz Carlos Lacerda; Brazil 2011 (features an interview with Nana) Clara Estrela (documentary film about Clara Nunes, 71') directed by Susanna Lira and Rodrigo Alzuguir; Brazil 2017 (includes a performance of Nana with Clara Nunes from Swedish TV in December 1973) Badi (documentary film about Badi Assad, 85') directed by Edu Felistoque; Brazil 2018 Caminhos (documentary film) directed by Andre Brasileiro and Tuca Siqueira; in preparation


Volo di un uccello predatore (with Jan Garbarek) Aterballetto Choreographer Jennifer Muller; Reggio Emilia 1989 Modern Living (with Andy Sheppard & Steve Lodder) Choregrapher Jonathan Lunn; London 1992 Palco, Academia e Periferia Choreografer Ivaldo Bertazzo; Sao Paulo 1997 (Music by Nelson Ayres and Naná Vasconcelos) Tu me fais sourire le ventre (Tu me fazes o ventre sorrir) Compagnie Marianne Isson Choregrapher Marianne Isson; Recife 2001 Corpos de Luz Cia. Dança Vida Choregrapher Paula Vital; Sao Paulo 2006 O Corpo Negro na Dança Cia. Bale de Rua de Uberlandia Choregrapher Marco Antonio Garcia; Belo Horizonte 2006 Bale de Rua. Danses et percussions du Bresil Cia. Bale de Rua de Uberlandia Choregrapher Marco Antonio Garcia; Paris 2008 (Music by Vincent Artaud and Nana Vasconcelos) Terra Grupo Grial de Dança Choregrapher Maria Paula Costa Rego; Sao Paulo 2013 O Corpo de Som Cia. Dança Vida Choregrapher Paula Vital; Sao Paulo 2015