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This list provides a comprehensive overview of John McLaughlin's work. It contains records released under his own name as well as his sessions and productions. The list is in chronological order where the year refers, in general, to the recording date. All items are in LP format unless stated otherwise. CD (re-)issues are preceeded by an *. Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages are, in general, not included in this list.

There are presumably several more records with John McLaughlin. Some possibilities are:

+ recordings as session musician in the UK in the 1960s with the likes 
  of Petula Clark, Paul Jones, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Robert Lelièvre, ...
+ tapes and films (videos) with the Sri Chinmoy Community in
  the early to mid 1970s (in USA).

and I would appreciate if anyone could provide information on such items.

As far as so-called bootlegs are concerned some releases from the last century have been included for historical reasons. However, I refrain from listing here the flood of recent CD releases by dubious sources that, anyway, seem to be mostly taken from Wolfgang's Vault, see below.

I would like to thank Volker Borchert, Vic Flick, David Graham, Jörn Krümpelmann, Joe Moretti, Pierre Montalbano, Duffy Power, and Steven Roche for their help and encouragement with this discography.

Some other web sites related to John McLaughlin:
 Walter Kolosky's John McLaughlin pages

Some live concerts of John McLaughlin and/or the Mahavishnu Orchestra are obtainable at

 Wolfgang's Vault


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Duffy Power: Leapers and sleepers. (2-CD). * RPM 240 1963-1967 (released in 2002) The Graham Bond Organization. Wade in the water. (4-CD). 1963 * Repertoire REP 5250 (released in 2012) Graham Bond: Live at the BBC and other Stories. (4-CD). 1963 * Repertoire REPUK 1279 (released in 2015) Graham Bond: Solid Bond.(2-LP). Warner Brothers WS 3001, 1963 Warner Brothers K 66004(UK);Warner Brothers 2555(US); * Rhino Encore 8122799065 Rolling Stones: Metamorphosis. Decca SKL 5212; Abkco ANA1; 1964 King GP-157, Polydor L20P-1036(J); * Abkco 90062 Georgie Fame: Bend a little/I'm in love with you. (single). 1964 Columbia DB 7328; (also on: Yeh Yeh its Georgie Fame) EMI/Music For Pleasure 2M048-52145 Georgie Fame: Fame at last. Columbia 33 SX 1638; (retitled: 1964 Yeh, Yeh) Imperial LP 9282 Mo, Imperial LP 12282 St London All Stars: British percussion. Barclay BB 86 (F), 1965 Barclay SIBS 1004 (I); * BBP 440 (F) The Night-Timers featuring Herbie Goins: The music played on/ 1965 Yield not to temptation.(single). Parlophone R 5355 Duffy Power: Just stay blue. * RPM retro 802 (UK) 1965 (released in 1995) Duffy Power: Innovations. Transatlantic TRA 229; Toshiba- 1965/1966 EMI IRR-8150; (retitled: Mary open the door). Mach 5; * (retitled: Little boy blue). Edsel EDCD 356 Duffy Power: Vampers and champers. (2-CD). * RPM D 320 1965-1967 (released in 2006) Herbie Goins & The Night-Timers: No. 1 in your heart/ 1966 Cruisin'. (single). Parlophone R 5478 Herbie Goins & The Nightimers: No. 1 in your heart. Parlo- 1966 phone PMC 7026; (retitled: Soul, Soul, Soul). EMI Odeon SMO 74380, EMI-Volksplatte 1C 048-28104 (D); * (retitled: Soultime!). See For Miles SEECD 362 (Note that the EMI-Volksplatte release is in stereo while the Parlophone release and all CD re-issues are in mono.) Howard Blake and his Combo: Hammond and percussion. Columbia 1966 TWO 123 (UK) Howard Blake: That hammond sound. Columbia TWO 192 (UK), 1966 Starline SRS 5116 Twice As Much: Own up. Immediate IMSP 007; Line OLLP 5247(D); 1966 * Green Tree Records GTR 040 Twice As Much: That's all. Immediate IMCP 013; Line OLLP (D); 1966 * Green Tree Records GTR 040 Duffy Power: Hound dog.(7" EP). Decca 457.142 M (F); 1967 Hound dog/Mary open the door.(single). Decca F.22547; Hansa 19122 AT,Philips 6003 066 (D) Danny Thompson Trio: Live 1967. * What Disc WHAT3CD 1967 (released in 1997) Pentangle: Live On Air 1967-1969. * London Calling 2CD5007 1967 (unofficial release, released in 2020) Georgie Fame: Because I love you/Bidin' my time.(single). 1967 CBS 202587 Georgie Fame: Knock on wood.(7" EP). CBS EP 6363 1967 Georgie Fame: Knock on wood/Road runner.(single). CBS 2781 (NL) 1967 Georgie Fame: The Two Faces Of Fame. The Complete 1967 1967 Recordings. (2-CD). * RPM Records RETRO D990 (released in 2017; contains all tracks from the three Georgie Fame items listed above and a bonus track featuring McLaughlin) Mike Carr/The EmCee Five: Bebop 61. Birdland MC 587; 1967 (retitled: Bebop from the east cost 1960/1962) * Birdland MC596 Howard Blake/The new sounds. (10" LP). Josef Weinberger JW 388 1967 Big Jim Sullivan: Sitar beat. Mercury SR 61137 (US); Mercury 1967 SML 30001 (UK); * RPM 242 Duffy Power: Davy O'Brien/July tree. Parlophone R 5631 1967 Gordon Beck Quartet: Experiments with Pops. Major Minor 1967 MMLP 21; Toshiba RP-80003: * Art of Life AL1001-2 Linda Lewis: You turned my bitter into sweet/Do you believe 1967 in love?. (7" single). Polydor 56173 (B side co-written by John McLaughlin) Georgie Fame: The third face of Fame. CBS 63293; (retitled: 1968 The ballad of Bonnie and Clyde). Epic 26368 (US) * BGO Records BGOCD 708 Ken Wheeler: Windmill Tilter. Fontana STL.5494 1968 David Bowie: Love you till tuesday. Deram BOWIE 1; Metronome 1968 820 083-1 ME (D); * Pickwick PWKS 4131 P (John is on "When I'm five", which is from the BBC session of David Bowie listed below) David Bowie: Bowie at the Beeb. (3-CD). * EMI 7243 528629 2 4 1968 Gordon Beck Quartet Featuring Joy Marshall: When Sunny Gets 1968 Blue. (CD). * Turtle Records TUR502 (released in 2018) Jack Bruce: Things we like. Polydor 2343 033; Atco 33349; 1968 RSO 2479 258;Polydor MP-2196,Polydor MWX-4036(J); * Polydor 835244-2; Polydor POCD 2166; (with bonus track) * Polydor/Universal 065 604-2 Sandy Brown and his Gentlemen! Friends: Hair at its Hairiest. 1968 Fontana SFJL 921; Wing SRW16405; (retitled: Worksong) * Lake LACD160 John McLaughlin: Extrapolation. Marmalade 608007,Polydor 1969 2343 012; Polydor 1-6074; Polydor MP-2170(J); * Polydor 841598-2 Miles Davis: In a silent way. Columbia CS 9875;CBS 63630; 1969 CBS-Sony SONP-50131,CBS-Sony SOPL-170;CBS-Sony 25AP770, CBS-Sony 23AP2575; * Sony 450982-2 Miles Davis: The complete In a silent way sessions. (3-CD). 1969 * Sony C3K 65362 Miles Davis: Panthalassa. * Columbia CK 67909; Sony 1969/1972 SRCS 8457 Jimi Hendrix: Hells sessions. (bootleg) (I); (retitled: The 1969 McLaughlin sessions) * HML CD 9409 Betty Davis: The Columbia Years 1968-1969. * Light in the 1969 Attic LITA-135 (US) (released in 2016) Tony Williams Lifetime: Emergency!.(2-LP). Polydor 25-3001; 1969 Polydor 583574,Polydor 2673 002;Polydor MP-9353/4; (also issued as Emergency! Vol. I and Emergency! Vol. II). Polydor 623277 & Polydor 6425016; (retitled: Once upon a Lifetime). Verve VE 2-2541; * Polydor 849068-2, Verve 539 117-2 Tony Williams Lifetime: New York 1969. * JR-004 (J) 1969 Miles Davis: Bitches Brew.(2-LP). Columbia CS 9995/6, Columbia 1969 GP26;CBS 66236;CBS-Sony SONP-50255/6,CBS-Sony SOPL-24/5, CBS-Sony SOPJ-58/9,CBS-Sony 36AP1771/2,CBS-Sony 28AP2151/2; * CBS CDCBS 66236, Sony 460602-2 Miles Davis: The complete Bitches Brew sessions. (4-CD). 1969/1970 * Columbia C4K 65570; C4K 90924 Wayne Shorter: Super Nova. Blue Note BST 84332 (US);Blue Note 1969 BNS 40028(UK);King GXF-3019,King GXK-8048,King GXF-3019(J); * Blue Note CDP 784332-2 Miroslav Vitous: Infinite Search. Embryo SD 524; (retitled: 1969 Mountain in the clouds). Atlantic SD 1622(US); Atlantic ATL 50406(UK); Warner Pioneer P-6070A,Warner Pioneer P-7501A; (retitled: The Bass). Atlantic 30024(D) * Atlantic AMCY-1040 (J) Miles Davis: Big Fun.(2-LP). Columbia PG 32866; CBS S 88024; 1969 CBS-Sony SOPW 5/6,CBS-Sony 36AP1779/80,CBS-Sony 28AP2159/60; * CBS A2 21398; Sony SRCS 7056/7 (J) Miles Davis: Great expectations/The little blue frog.(single). 1969 Columbia 4-45090;CBS 4927(F) Lifetime: Turn it over. Polydor 24-4021(US);Polydor 2425019; 1970 Polydor MP-2109(J); * Verve 539 118-2 Lifetime: One word/Two worlds.(7" single). Polydor 2066050 (UK) 1970 The Tony Williams Lifetime: Turn It Over (Redux) - mix 1970 translation by Bill Laswell. (CDR copies sold by Downtown Music Gallery, released in 2007) Jack Bruce: Smiles And Grins, Broadcast Sessions 1970-2001. 1970 (4CD,2Blu-Ray Video). Esoteric Recordings ECLEC62852 (released in 2024; includes two video tracks by Lifetime) Miles Davis: Live evil.(2-LP). Columbia G 30954;CBS 67219; 1970 CBS-Sony SONP 50452/3,CBS-Sony SOPJ 88/9,CBS-Sony SOPL 143/4,CBS-Sony 36AP1773/4,CBS-Sony 28AP2153/4; * Sony 50DP707/8, Sony SRCS 5715/6, Sony SRCS 7078/9 (J) Miles Davis: The Cellar Door sessions. (6-CD). 1970 * Columbia/Legacy C6K 93614 Miles Davis: A tribute to Jack Johnson. Columbia KC 30455; 1970 CBS 70216, CBS S 70089;CBS-Sony SOPC 57110,CBS-Sony SOPN 99,CBS-Sony 20AP1405; * Sony 471003-2 Miles Davis: The complete Jack Johnson sessions. (5-CD). 1970 * Sony/Legacy C5K 86359; C5K 90926 Miles Davis: Directions.(2-LP). Columbia KC2 36474; CBS 88514; 1970 CBS-Sony 38AP2017/8; * Sony CSCS 5135/6 (J) Miles Davis: Hill Auditorium 21/2/'70. * JM-006 1970 John McLaughlin: Devotion. Douglas 4,Columbia DGL 31568, 1970 Epic KZ 31568,Celluloid OAO 5010(US); CBS DGL 65075; CBS-Sony ECPL 59;Douglas 500 011 (F); * Celluloid CELD 5010, Charly CPCD 8232 John Surman & John McLaughlin: Where fortune smiles. Dawn 1970 DNLS 3018; PYE 12103;Ariola 88 038 IT (D); Teichiku UPS-524Y,Nippon-Columbia YS-2487(J); * BGO Records BGOCD 191; One Way Records OW 2931-2 Miles Davis: Get up with it.(2-LP). Columbia KG 33236; CBS 1970 88092;CBS-Sony SOPJ 90/1,CBS-Sony 36AP1783/4,CBS-Sony 28AP2163/4; * LINE CLCD 9.00927/8C, CoLine CLCD 9.211555; Sony SRCS 7123/4 (J) Joe Farrell Quartet. CTI ST 6003(US); (retitled as: Song of 1970 the wind). Philips 6308046,CTI 63.007(UK); King SR-3307, King LAX-3245; * CBS 450559-2; Eva Records KICJ 2058 (J) Larry Coryell: Spaces. Vanguard VSD 6558;Vanguard 79345; 1970 Musicdisc 23002;King SR-3109,King LAX-135,King K20-P6194; * Vanguard 883099-919; Fnac/Wmd/Vanguard 662080 (F) Larry Coryell: Planet end. Vanguard VSD 79367; Musidisc 1970 23022;King GP-3047,King K20P-6198 Miroslav Vitous: Purple. Epic EPC 64691; CBS-Sony SOPM 157, 1970 CBS-Sony SOPC 57101(J); * ? Wayne Shorter: Moto Grosso Feio. Blue Note BNLA 014; Blue 1970 Note BST 84465(D);King K18P-9215; * One Way Records S 21 17373 (US) Carla Bley - Paul Haines, The Jazz Composers Orchestra: 1971 Escalator over the hill.(3-LP). JCOA 3LP-EOTH; Virgin JT 4001; * JCOA (ECM) 839 310-2 (2-CD) John McLaughlin: My goal's beyond. Douglas 9, Columbia Z 1971 30766,Electra Musician El-60031,Rykodisc RLP 10051; DBS DGL 64537,CBS DGL 69014,Electra Musician MUS 53261; CBS-Sony EPIA 53024,CBS-Sony ECPL 101; * Rykodisc RCD 10051 John and Eve McLaughlin: The guitar album. The historic Town 1971 Hall concert.(2-LP). (This 2-LP set is shared with other artists). Columbia KG 31045;CBS S 67275 Mahavishnu Orchestra: The inner mounting flame. Columbia KC 1971 31067;CBS 64717;CBS-Sony SOPL-10,CBS-Sony 23AP98; * Columbia CK 31067 Mahavishnu Orchestra: One world. * Cuttlefish Records 1972 CFR 006 (I); (retitled: Bird to Boston) Shout to the Top (J) Mahavishnu Orchestra: Mar Y Sol. The first Puerto Rico Pop 1972 Festival.(2-LP). (This 2-LP set is shared with other artists). Atco 2-705; Warner Pioneer P-5062/3A (the track with the Mahavishnu Orchestra is included in the 5-CD set: The complete Columbia albums collection, Sony Legacy 886979303423, released in 2011) Mahavishnu Orchestra: The eternal flame. * Spiral 017 (J) 1972 Mahavishnu Orchestra: The inner flamming axe. * All Of Us 1972 AS 27 (I) Mahavishnu Orchestra: McGuru lives. * Zipperman 005 (J) 1972 Miles Davis: On the corner. Columbia KC 31906;CBS 65246,CBS 1972 85549;CBS-Sony SOPL-125,CBS-Sony SOPN-100,CBS-Sony 20AP1408; * Columbia CK 48954-2, Sony CR 453579-2, Sony 474371-2; BGO Records BGOCD 30 Miles Davis: The complete On the corner sessions. (6-CD). 1972 * Columbia Legacy C6K 706239 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live, king of guitars.(bootleg). Atmos- 1972 phere SO 3478; (retitled: Birds of pray). Aftermath 15; (retitled: Bundled sunspray demise). TAKRL 1923 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Spirits of Bird. * Element of Crime - 1972 Element 019 (J) Mahavishnu Orchestra: Dance of the maya.(bootleg). Phonygraf 1972 TPGRL 1112; (retitled: In hommage of the bird god). HHCER 112; (retitled: Live). * Oh Boy 1-9014 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of fire. Columbia PC 31996;CBS 1972 65321;CBS-Sony SOPL-175,CBS-Sony 23AP652; * Columbia CK 31996, CBS CDCBS 32280; Sony 468224-2 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Open country joy/Celestial terrestrial 1972 commuters. (7" single). Columbia 4-45836; CBS 1664; CBS- Sony SOPB-215 Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin. Love, Devotion, Surrender. 1972 Columbia KC 32034;CBS 69037;CBS-Sony SOPL-200,CBS-Sony 25AP818; * Sony 463368-2, Sony 468871-2 (with bonus tracks) * Sony CK 63593 Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin. Love, Devotion, Surrender. 1972 Columbia CQ 32034 [Quadraphonic release] (The Quad version of "The Life Divine" features an alternative guitar solo by John McLaughlin; This version can be also found on the compilation CD "The Best Of John McLaughlin" released by Wounded Bird Records (WOU 3635)) Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin. Love Devotion Surrender 1972 sessions. (2-CD). * Spiral 015/16 (J) James Taylor: One man dog. Warner Brothers K 46185;Warner 1972 Brothers BS-2660;Warner Pioneer P-6407W,Warner Pioneer P-8263W; * Warner Bros. 7599-25933-2 Santana: Welcome. Columbia KC 32445;CBS 69040;CBS-Sony SOPN-55, 1973 CBS-Sony 25AP819; * CBS CDCBS 32194, Castle Comm. TFO 14/1 (with bonus tracks) * Sony CK 85944 Mahavishnu Orchestra: KBFH Radio Show.(CD). (This CD is shared 1973 with other artists). * KB#1 Mahavishnu Orchestra: The lost Trident sessions. * CBS-Sony 1973 CK 65959 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live - Between nothingness and eternity. 1973 Columbia KC 32766;CBS 69046;CBS-Sony SOPM-85; * Columbia CK 32766, CBS CDCBS 69046; Sony 468225-2, BGO Records BGOCD 31 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Sister Andrea/Sister Andrea (long 1973 version). (7" single). Columbia AE7 1081 (apparently this is an alternative version as to what appeared on the "Live" album listed above) Mahavishnu Orchestra: Unreleased tracks from Between 1973 Nothingness & Eternity. * Sony Legacy 886979303423 (included as bonus disc in the 5-CD set "The complete Columbia albums collection; released in 2011) John McLaughlin/Carlos Santana Band: Live in Chicago.(2-CD). 1973 * Oh Boy 2-9075; (CD). Jazz Door JD 1250 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Between failure and frustration. (2-CD). 1973 * Private Master PM001/002 (J) Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live at Budokan. (3-CD). * Killing 1973 Floor 99031-3 (J) John and Eve McLaughlin: Beyond an empty dream. (This LP is 1973 shared with other artists). Charisma CAS 1101 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Apocalypse. Columbia KC 32957;CBS 69076; 1974 CBS-Sony SOPM-125,CBS-Sony 25AP1284; * Columbia CK 46111-2; Sony 467092-2 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Visions of the emerald beyond. Columbia 1974 PC 33411;CBS 69108;CBS-Sony SOPO-23; * Columbia CK 46867-2, Sony 467904-2 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Can't stand your funk/Eternity's breath 1974 (part 1). (7" single). Columbia 3-10134; CBS 3007 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live at Montreux. (2 DVD). * Eagle 1974/1984 Rock 5034504964075 (released in 2007) The Beach Boys: Long lost surf songs, vol. 6. (bootleg). 1974 * Silver Rarities SIRA 154 Songs of the Soul. Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse (Cassette); 1975 * Joe Shepley Inc. Stanley Clarke: Journey to love. Nemperor NE-433,Epic 32093, 1975 Epic PE 36974; Nemperor 50187,Embassy EMB 31891; Warner Pioneer P-10081A,Epic-Sony 25.3P-288; * Sony EPC 468221-2 Jeff Beck: Diamond boogie. * Scarecrow 072 (J) 1975 Shakti with John McLaughlin: Columbia PC 34162;CBS 81388; 1975 CBS-Sony 25AP117; * Columbia CK 46868-2, Sony 467905-2 Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner worlds. Columbia PC 33908; CBS 1975 69216;CBS-Sony SOPO-122; * Columbia CK 52923-2; Sony 476905-2 Stanley Clarke: School days. Nemperor NE-439; Epic PE 36975; 1976 Nemperor 50296,Embassy EMB 31892;Warner Pioneer P-10239A, Epic-Sony 25.3P-289; * Sony EPC 468219-2 Stanley Clarke: Live 1976 - 1977. * Sony EK 48529-2 1976 Shakti with John McLaughlin: Handful of beauty. Columbia PC 1976 34372;CBS 81664;CBS-Sony 25AP512; * Sony SRCS 7015 (J) Shakti with John McLaughlin: In concert 153. BBC Tran- 1977 scription Services CN 2861/S Shakti with John McLaughlin: Natural elements. Columbia JC 1977 34980;CBS 82329;CBS-Sony 25AP851; * Sony SRCS 7016 (J); Sony 489773-2 John McLaughlin: Electric guitarist. Columbia JC 35326;CBS 1977 82702,CBS 32684;CBS-Sony 25AP984; * Sony 467093-2 John McLaughlin & One Truth Band: Electric dreams. Columbia 1978 JC 35785;CBS 83526;CBS-Sony 25AP1342; * Sony 472210-2; Columbia CK 48892-2; Sony SRCS 7017 (J) Paco de Lucia - John McLaughlin - Larry Coryell: Meeting of 1979 the spirits. (video). VCL Comm. VHS 2770-50; (laser disc). VAP Video VPLR-70720 (J); (DVD). Quantum Leap QL0826A (UK) Trio of Doom: Havanajam.(2-LP).(This 2-LP set is shared with 1979 other artists). Columbia PC2 36053; * Sony SRCS 9159/60 (J) Trio of Doom: Havanajam 2.(2-LP).(This 2-LP set is shared with 1979 other artists). Columbia PC2 36180; * Sony SRCS 9161/62 (J) John McLaughlin/Jaco Pastorius/Tony Williams: Trio of Doom. 1979 * Columbia/Legacy 82796 96450 2 (released in 2007; includes all tracks with John from the two 2-LP sets above) Fuse One. CTI ST 9003;CTI 63.049;King K28P6020; * Limelight 1980 820 808-2, BMG 01612-65141-2 Paco de Lucia: Light and shade. Magnum Music Group MMGV 076. 1980 (video) (UK) Al DiMeola - John McLaughlin - Paco de Lucia: Friday night in 1980 San Francisco. Columbia FC 37152;CBS 84962;Philips 6302137 (D);CBS-Sony 25AP2035,CBS-Sony 30AP2136; * Philips 800 047-2 Al DiMeola - John McLaughlin - Paco de Lucia: Saturday night 1980 in San Francisco. * Ear Music 0217791EMU; Impex Records IMP8324 (SACD release with bonus track) (released in 2022) Paco de Lucia: Castro marin. Philips 6301025; Nippon-Phonogram 1980 28PP-2; * Philips 832023-2; Phonogram 32PD518 (J) John McLaughlin: Belo Horizonte. Warner Brothers BSK3619; 1981 WEA K 99185; Warner Pioneer P-11081W; * WEA 2292 57001-2 Chick Corea: Music forever & beyond. (5-CD set). * GRP Records 1981 GRD-5 9819 (The track with John is included in the 17-CD box set John McLaughlin: The Montreux concerts, see below) John McLaughlin: Music spoken here. Warner Brothers 23723-1; 1982 WEA K 99254;Warner Pioneer P-11258W; * WEA 0630 17157-2 John McLaughlin - Paco de Lucia - Al DiMeola: Passion, grace 1982 and fire. Columbia FC 38645;Philips 811334-1;CBS-Sony 25AP2651; * Columbia CK 38645; Philips 811334-2 Katia and Marielle Labeque: Gladrags. Pathe Marconi 1982 C 065-43.461(F);EMI 1C 066 1434611;EMI Angel S-37980(US); Toshiba-EMI EAC 90151; * EMI CDC 7-47093-2 (John is only involved as producer) France Gall et Michel Berger: Leurs Meilleures Chansons. (DVD) 1982 Enelem 1084441 (released in 2018) John McLaughlin - Al DiMeola - Paco de Lucia: Live. (2-CD). 1983 * All Of Us AS18/2 (I). (also titled: Going Rome). John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu: Mahavishnu. Warner Brothers 1984 25190-1; WEA 251 351-1; Warner-Pioneer P-13057W; * Wounded Bird Records WOU 5190 Katia and Marielle Labeque: Gershwin. Pathe Marconi 1984 2701221(F); EMI EJ 27.01221; Toshiba-EMI EAC 90226; * EMI CDC 7-47044-2 (John is only involved as producer) Miles Davis: You're under arrest. Columbia FC 40023; CBS 1984 26447;CBS-Sony 28AP3034; * CBS CDCBS 26447,Sony 468703-2 Miles Davis: That's What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg 1984 Series Vol. 7. (3-CD). Columbia/Sony SNYL986385.2 (relesed in 2022) Bill Evans: The alternative man. Blue Note BT 85111;Toshiba- 1985 EMI BNJ 91014; * Blue Note CDP 746336-2 Miles Davis: Aura.(2-LP or 1 CD). CBS 463351-2 1985 Ramon Pipin: Nous sommes tous freres. Cream 140 (F) 1985 Round Midnight. Columbia SC 40464;CBS 70300;CBS-Sony 28AP3244 1985 Round Midnight.(video). Warner Brothers PGV 11603 (D), 1985 Warner Video NJV-11603(VHS)/NJX-11603(Beta) (J) Dexter Gordon: The other side of Round Midnight. Blue Note BT 1985 85135;Toshiba-EMI BNJ 91024; * Blue Note CDP 7463972 John McLaughlin Duo: Bratislava Jazz Days '85.(2-LP). (This 1985 2-LP set is shared with other artists). Opus 9115 1810/11 (CSSR) John McLaughlin & Mahavishnu: Adventures in radioland. 1986 Relativity 88561-8081-1;Sound Service SOS 2020; CBS 450060(I); * Verve 519 397-2 Gil Evans: Gil meets John and Lee.(4-LP). (bootleg) (I); 1986 .(retitled: We remember Jimi ...). * All Of Us AS28/2 (I) Zakir Hussain: Making music. * ECM 1349 1986 Danny Gottlieb: Aquamarine. * Atlantic 781 806-2 1987 Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin: Live At Montreux 1987. 1987 (DVD+2 CD). Eagle Rock 0801213927098 (released in 2016) John McLaughlin: The "Mediterranean" concerto. * CBS MK 45578 1988 Katia & Marielle Labeque: Symphonic dances and songs from 1988 West Side Story. * CBS MK 45531 (John is only involved as producer) John McLaughlin Trio: Live At The Royal Festival Hall. * JMT 1989 834 436-2 Katia & Marielle Labeque: Love of colours. * Sony SK 47227 1990 (John is only involved as producer and arranger) John McLaughlin Trio: Live at the FiESTa International '90. 1990 (cassette). FiESTa International (EST) Miles Davis: Black devil. (2-CD). * Beech Maten BM 053/2 (I) 1991 Miles Davis: Miles Davis at La Vilette. (DVD). JVC 493 1991 John McLaughlin Trio: Live in Europe 1991. * All Of Us AS05 (I) 1991 John McLaughlin Trio: Que alegria. * Verve 837 280-2 1991 John McLaughlin Trio: Que alegria. (promotional video). Verve 1991 Guitar Greats - Salute to Miles Davis. * Immortal IMA 104147 1991 Tribute to Miles Davis / Live at Expo. (DVD). * Expo GL 0091 1991 John McLaughlin: Time remembered. * Verve 519 861-2 1993 John McLaughlin plays Bill Evans. (promotional video). Verve 1993 The Free Spirits featuring John McLaughlin: Tokyo live. 1993 * Verve 521 870-2 Stars at the International Jazz Festival Bucharest '93. (This 1993 LP is shared with other artists). Eurostar CDS 231 (RO) Molom. (soundtrack CD). * Verve 529 034-2 1994 Carnegie Hall salutes the jazz masters. * Verve 523 150-2; 1994 (video). Verve 631 734-3; (DVD). Verve 0391 (780063173520) John McLaughlin: After the rain. * Verve 527 467-2 1994 In from the storm. (This CD is shared with other artists). 1995 * BMG/RCA Victor 9027 68233-2 (US); RCA 74321 31550-2 (D) Jazz to the world. (This CD is shared with other artists). 1995 * Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32127-2 John McLaughlin: The promise. * Verve 529 828-2 1995 Sting: Fragile. (2-CD). * Kiss 013/14 (I) 1996 Paco de Lucia - Al DiMeola - John McLaughlin: The Guitar Trio. 1996 * Verve 533 215-2 Pavarotti & Friends: For war child. * Decca 455 284-2 (F); 1996 (video). Decca 074 102-3 (F) There's no jazz like Audi Jazz. (CD+DVD). (This set is shared 1996 with other artists; The DVD contains a live track of the Guitar Trio). * Alley Cats ALCA 5500 (BE) Stories for friends. (This 2-CD set is shared with other 1997 artists). * Network 26.983 (D) John McLaughlin: The Heart of Things. * Verve 539 153-2 1997 Remember Shakti: Music without boundaries. (promotional audio 1997 cassette). Verve John McLaughlin: Remember Shakti. (2-CD). * Verve 559 945-2; 1997 (limited editon in long box) Verve 547 042-2 Best of Jazz Open 1998. (DVD). (This DVD is shared with other 1998 artists). * Art Haus Musik 100 196 John McLaughlin: The Heart of Things - Live in Paris. * Verve 1998 543 536-2 John McLaughlin: Remember Shakti - The Believer. (CD + CD-ROM). 1999 * Verve 549 044-2; (CD only). * Verve 549 207-2 Front Page. * Emarcy Records 549 045-2 2000 Remember Shakti: Saturday Night in Bombay. * Verve 014 164-2 2001 Remember Shakti: Silk box. (5-CD + DVD). * Verve 016 578-2 2001 Leni Stern: Finally the rain has come. * Leni Stern Recordings 2002 LSR 1033 Ithamara Koorax: Love Dance. The Ballad Album. * Milestone 2002 MCD-9327-2 Miroslav Vitous: Universal Syncopations. * ECM 1863 2003 John McLaughlin: Thieves and Poets. * Verve 011 370-2, 2003 Universal 060249801075 John McLaughlin: The Montreux concerts. 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[with source of information about John's involvement]

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