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This is a list of released records by and with the Karnataka College of Percussion and/or their leaders T.A.S. Mani and R. Ramamani. It is ordered chronologically where the year refers, in general, to the recording date. All items are in LP format unless stated otherwise. CD re-issues are preceeded by an asterisk '*'. In those cases where the catalog numbers of LP and CD issue are essentially the same it is not repeated after the *. Releases from 1989 onwards are all available as CDs and therefore no special indication is made.

Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages are, in general, not included in this list.

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V.A.   Various Artists

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Embryo: Embryo's Reise. (2-LP). Schneeball 0020; 1979/80 * Schneeball/Indigo 3020-2 Embryo + Karnataka College of Percussion: Life. 1980 Schneeball 0023; * Disconforme DISC 1940 CD Jazz Yatra Sextett: Sangam. Eigelstein ES 2016 1981 Dissidenten: Germanistan - I Wish I could Stay Far Away. 1981 Schneeball 0030 Dissidenten: Germanistan. * Exil 5500 1982 Louis Banks' Sangam: City Life. CBS IND 1006 1982 Charlie Mariano & Karnataka College of Percussion: Jyothi. 1983 ECM 1256 Dissidenten & Karnataka College of Percussion: Germanistan 1983 Tour 83. Fuego 1638 Oriental Wind/The Karnataka College of Percussion: Sankirna. 1984 Sonet SNTF 930 Internationales Geräuschorchester: II. Ausfahrt/EFA 08-6112 1984 (V.A.:) Percussion Summit. Moers Music 02056 1984 International Noise Orchestra: Listen To The Earthbeat. 1987 Ausfahrt/EFA 08-06119 Embryo: Turn Peace. Schneeball/EFA 01045-08 1989 Charlie Mariano & Karnataka College of Percussion: Live. 1989 VeraBra Records CD 2034-2 Tunji and Karnataka College of Percussion, 1988. (cassette). 1989 Iwalewa-Haus (D) Dissidenten: The Jungle Book. * Exil 5516 1993 Ramamani & KCP: Kiran. Edition Naam 1994 Karnataka College of Percussion/Okay Temiz: Mishram. Raks 1995 Muezik 4055 (T) Dr. Raghavendra & Karnataka College of Percussion: Shiva 1995 Ganga. Exil 5521 Dr. Raghavendra & Karnataka College of Percussion: River 1995 Yamuna. Music Of The World 145 (includes 7 of the 9 tracks from the above CD + 5 other tracks) Amalgama & KCP: Encuentro. Nuba Records 1995 R.A. Ramamani: Naadha Vilasini. Sangeetha (I) 1995 Karnataka College of Percussion: Grandmasters of Beat Vol. 2 1996 Bandaloop BL-P 002 Ramamani & KCP: Grandmasters of Mode Vol. 1. Bandaloop 1996 BL-P 003 Malaya Marutha / Grenzüberschreitungen / Span The Globe. 1996 Bellaphon 290.25.009 Chris Hinze & Karnataka College of Percussion: Blue glass. 1997 Keytone KYT 755 CD Dissidenten: Instinctive Traveller. Exil 5535 1997 Charlie Mariano: Bangalore. Intuition Records INT 3246-2 1998 Krishna Raghavendra: The Great Train Journey. (private 1998 release). Ragha David Rothenberg & KCP: Bangalore Wild. Wild Foundation 2000 WFND 9901 The Guitar Duo meets the KCP: Crossing Roots. Acoustic 2000 Music Records 4013429112137 (V.A.:) Jazz im Gaertnerplatz 2000. (2-CD). Chaos CACD 8155 2000 Charlie Mariano, KCP & WDR Big Band: Sketches of Bangalore. 2001 Permission Music pmp 103 Khanda with Karnataka College of Percussion: Five cities. 2001 (CD+DVD). Improvised Music Co IMCD 1018 Steve Coleman: Elements of one. (DVD). Chod Productions 2004 Charlie Mariano & Karnataka College of Percussion: Om Keshav. 2005 Schneeball/Indigo 5932-2 T.A.S. Mani: Vishesha Laya Vinyasa. Makara Creations 2005 T.A.S. Mani: Vishesha Laya Vinyasa, Vol. 2. Makara Creations 2005 T.A.S. Mani: Vishesha Laya Vinyasa, Vol. 3. Makara Creations 2005 T.A.S. Mani/Karnataka College of Percussion: Tala Tarangini 2005 Charlie Mariano & Karnataka College of Percussion: Many ways. 2006 Double Moon Records DMCHR 71506 Dr. Krishna Raghavendra: Sampradaya - Veena Tradition. (2-CD). 2006 (private release). Ragha Dr. Krishna Raghavendra: Sri Raghavendra Vishesha Kriti Mala. 2006 (private release). Ragha Dr. Krishna Raghavendra: Shiva Ganga. (private release). 2006 Ragha Ojos de Brujo: Aocana. Warner Brothers 0825646913459 2009 Global Music Orchestra: Calcutta Ending. GMO 010-2 2012 Ramesh Shotham - Madras Special: Here it is. Papercup Records 2018 LC-52211 | PRC 009 R.A. Ramamani: Geethamala 2019 R.A. Ramamani: Malayamaruta ???? R.A. Ramamani: Madhura Ganam ???? R.A. Ramamani: Carnatic classical vocal ????


Embryo - Vagabunden Karawane directed by Werner Penzel (Germany, 1980) 25 Jahre Embryo! (Embryovertrieb, VHS; Germany 1994)