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This list provides a comprehensive overview of Jan Garbarek's work. It contains records released under his own name as well as his sessions and productions. The list is in chronological order where the year refers, in general, to the recording date. All items are in LP format unless stated otherwise. CD re-issues are preceeded by an '*'. In those cases where the catalog numbers of LP and CD issue are essentially the same it is not repeated after the *. Releases from 1988 onwards are all available as CDs and therefore, in general, no special indication is made. Note also that essentially all ECM releases are available on CD and therefore no special indication is made in the list below.

Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages are, in general, not included in this list.

Some live concerts of Jan Garbarek can be found/watched here: NRK TV

The earliest known recording of Jan Garbarek (1962): Jan Garbarek Quartet


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Watch out. Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 10. (4-CD set). 1966 * Caprice Records CAP 22053 (released in 2005) George Russell: The essence of George Russell. (2-LP). 1966/70 Sonet SLP 1411/1412; Concept CR 004/005; Soul Note 1044/45; * Soul Note 121044-2 Jazz Jamboree 66. Muza XLP 0342; 1966 Jazz Jamboree '66, Volume 01 (Polish Radio Jazz Archives 29). * PRCD 2061 (CD released in 2017 featuring 3 additional tracks with Jan Garbarek) Karin Krog: Jazz moments. Sonet SLP 1404; Vogue CDVS 115; 1966 * Meantime Records MR 12 Den gyllene cirkeln. * Flashmusic FLCD-12. (This CD is 1967 enclosed in a book with the same title, issued by Prisma, Stockholm, 2002) Jan Garbarek: Til vigdis. Norsk Jazzforbund NJF LP-1 1967 (It seems that acetate discs and/or test pressings of that LP contain an alternative track -'Autumn leaves') Egil Kapstad Choir & Orchestra: Syner. Norsk Jazzforum JF LP-1 1967 Georg Riedel: Riedaiglia. Sveriges Radio RELP 1051 1967 George Russell Orchestra: Othello ballet suite. Sonet 1967 SLP 1409; Flying Dutchman FDS-122; Soul Note SN 1014 Karin Krog & Friends: Joy. Sonet SLP 1405 1968 Terje Rypdal: Bleak house. Polydor 184189; Karussell 1968 2915053; * Polydor 547 885-2 Jan Garbarek: The esoteric circle. Flying Dutchman 10125; 1969 Freedom INT 147300; Arista AL 1031; * Freedom FCD 41031 Popofoni. (2-LP). Sonet SLP 1421/22; * Aurora ACD 5015 1969/71 George Russell: Electronic Sonata for souls loved by 1969 nature. Flying Dutchman FDS-124; Strata East SES 19761; Soul Note SN 1034; * Soul Note 121034-2 Jan Erik Vold: Briskeby blues. Philips 854.007AY (N); 1969 * Philips 834 711-2 (N) Himmel & helvete. (video). Egmont Film 7 041279 000011 (N) 1969 Himmel og helvete. (soundtrack LP). Moving Music MM001 (N); 1969 * Norske Albumklassikere NACD042 (released in 2016) WesenSteen: Det beste fra NRK-serien 'Og takk for det..!'. 1969 (video). Polygram/NRK Aktivum 047 932-3 (N) WesenSteen: Og takk for det..!. CAMP CPLP 5004 (N) 1969 Rain: Fra Fjernsynsfilmen Rivalen. (7" EP). Triola TN 1970 588 (N) Earl Wilson: Live at the studio. Auto Grip 19701 (N); 1970 George Russell Sextet: Trip to Prillarguri. Soul Note 1970 SN 1029; * Soul Note 121049-2 Jan Garbarek Quartet: Afric pepperbird. ECM 1007 1970 Jan Erik Vold/Jan Garbarek: Hav. Philips 6507 002 (N); 1970 * Norske Albumklassikere NACD022 Ole Gioertz: Venus / De Kloke Koner. (7" single). 1970 NorDisc 2107.001 Svartkatten. Flora TNBL 873 (N) 1971 Jan Garbarek Quintet: Sart. ECM 1015 1971 George Russell Orchestra: Listen to the silence. Concept 1971 CR 002; Soul Note SN 1024; * Soul Note 121024-2 From Europe with Jazz. (This LP is shared with other 1971 artists). MPS 2121437-0 Terje Rypdal. ECM 1016 1971 Oeystein Sunde - Det Aret Det Var Sa Bratt. CBS S 64610; 1971 * Spinner Records GTXCD 2002 (N) Anja Breien: Ansikter - 11 kortfilmer. (DVD). 1971 Norsk Filminstitutt 1 234561 105822 (released in 2005) Helge Hurum: Spectre. The unreleased works 1971-1982 1972/74 * Plastic Strip Press PSPCD 703 (N) (released in 2007) Aerien voyage. (This CD is shared with other artists). 1972 * Melodisc/Tuba Records MELOCD003 (N) (released in 2004) Jan Garbarek Trio: Triptykon. ECM 1029 1972 Tore Magnus Petterson: Drypp. RCA Victor NLPS 2777 (N) 1972 Jan Erik Vold: Trikkeskinner/Tre sma ting.(single). 1973 Philips 6084 025 (N); Art Lande / Jan Garbarek: Red lanta. ECM 1038 1973 Jan Garbarek Quartet: Witchi-tai-to. ECM 1041 1973 Per "Elvis" Granberg: Rockabye Rollabye. Philips 6478.013 1974 NDR - Jazz Workshop 1974. (This LP is shared with other 1974 artists). NDR 0666 516 Keith Jarrett / Jan Garbarek: Belonging. ECM 1050 1974 Keith Jarrett / Jan Garbarek: Luminessence. ECM 1049 1974 Ralph Towner: Solstice. ECM 1060 1974 Jan Erik Vold: Vokal. (3-CD+DVD). * Plastic Strip PSPCD715 1974 (released in 2009) Oesterdalsmusikk. Mai 7510 (N); 1975 * Norske Albumklassikere NACD088 Keith Jarrett: Arbour zena. ECM 1070 1975 Jan Garbarek: Dansere. ECM 1075 1975 Jan Garbarek: Dis. ECM 1093 1976 Ralph Towner Solstice: Sound and shadows. ECM 1095 1977 Kenny Wheeler: Deer wan. ECM 1102 1977 Jan Erik Vold: Ingentings bjeller. (2-LP). Polydor 1977 2664 388 (N); * Pan Records PACD 09 Keith Jarrett / Jan Garbarek: My song. ECM 1115 1977 Egberto Gismonti: Sol do meio dia. ECM 1116 1977 Jan Garbarek: Places. ECM 1118 1977 Gary Peacock: December poems. ECM 1119 1977 Bill Connors: Of mist and melting. ECM 1120 1977 Jan Garbarek: Photo with .... ECM 1135 1978 Keith Jarrett: Personal mountains. ECM 1382 1979 Keith Jarrett: Nude ants.(2-LP). ECM 1171/72 1979 Keith Jarrett: Sleeper. (2-CD). ECM 2290/91 1979 (released in 2012) Garbarek / Gismonti / Haden: Magico. ECM 1151 1979 NDR - Jazz Workshop 1979. (This LP is shared with other 1979 artists). NDR 0666 969 Garbarek / Gismonti / Haden: Folk songs. ECM 1170 1979 Jan Garbarek: Aftenland. ECM 1169 1979 Jan Garbarek: Eventyr. ECM 1200 1980 Gary Peacock: Voice from the past - Paradigm. ECM 1210 1981 David Darling: Cycles. ECM 1219 1981 Jan Garbarek: Paths. Prints. ECM 1223 1981 Garbarek / Gismonti / Haden: Magico - Carta de amor. (2-CD). 1981 ECM 2280/81 (released in 2012) Jan Garbarek: Wayfarer. ECM 1259 1983 Shankar: Vision. ECM 1261 1983 Shankar: Song for everyone. ECM 1286 1984 Eberhard Weber: Chorus. ECM 1288 1984 Jan Garbarek: It's OK to listen to ... ECM 1294 1984 Hustruer - ti ar etter. (video film). Warner Home Video 1985 704197 0012245 (N) Eleni Karaindrou: O melissokomos. (2-LP). Minos Records MSM 646/647 (Gr); * Minos Records MCD 646/7 1986 Jan Garbarek: All those born with wings. ECM 1324 1986 Zakir Hussain: Making Music. ECM 1349 1986 Gary Peacock: Guamba. ECM 1352 1987 Arve Tellefsen: Pan. Norsk Plateproduksjon IDP 3 1988 Jan Garbarek: Legend of the seven dreams. ECM 1381 1988 Eleni Karaindrou: Herod Atticus Odeon, September 6, 1988. Minos Records MCD 753/4 (Gr) 1988 Agnes Buen Garnas - Jan Garbarek: Rosensfole. Kirkelig 1988 Kulturverksted FXLP 83 (N); ECM 1402 Natt Jazz 20 Ar. (This CD is shared with other artists). 1989 Grappa Records GRCD 103 (N) Jan Garbarek: Ragas and sagas. ECM 1442 1990 Jan Garbarek: I took up the runes. ECM 1419 1990 Eleni Karaindrou: Music for films. ECM 1429 1990 Garbarek/Vitous/Erskine: Star. ECM 1444 1990 Paul Giger: Alpstein. ECM 1426 1990/91 Trilok Gurtu: Living magic. CMP Records CMP CD 50 1990/91 Anja Garbarek: Velkommen inn. RCA PD 75300 (N) 1991 Niels-Henning Oersted Pedersen: Uncharted Land. Plade- 1992 compagniet PCCD 8045 (N), Epic 481363-2 Garbarek/Vitous: Atmos. ECM 1475 1992 Jan Garbarek: Twelve moons. ECM 1500 1992 Garbarek/Brahem/Hussain. Madar. ECM 1515 1992 Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble. Officium. ECM 1525 1993 Trollsyn. (promotional CD EP). Trollcd 9401 (N) 1994 Jan Garbarek: Visible world. ECM 1585 1995 Vigdis Garbarek: Vagestykket. Lydbokforlaget (ISBN 82-421- 1996 0583-9) (N) Giya Kancheli: Caris mere. ECM 1568 1996 Jan Garbarek: Rites. (2-CD). ECM 1685/86 1998 Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble. Mnemosyne. (2-CD). 1998 ECM 1700/01 Mari Boine: Gavcci Jahkejuogu - Eight Seasons. Universal/ 2002 Emarcy Records 044001701924 Agnes Buen Garnas: Soltreet. Nyrenning NYCD3 (N) 2002 Miroslav Vitous: Universal Syncopations. ECM 1863 2003 Jan Garbarek Selected recordings. (2-CD). (Compilation of 2003 previously released recordings). ECM 8002-2 Tigran Mansurian/Kim Kashkashian. Monodia. (2-CD). 2004 ECM 1850/51 Jan Garbarek: In Praise of Dreams. ECM 1880 2004 En Folkefiende. (DVD). Nordisk Film/Egmont 7041271442550 2004 (feature film with original soundtrack by Jan Garbarek) Manu Katche: Neighbourhood. ECM 1896 2005 Anja Garbarek: Briefly shaking. Virgin/EMI 7243 8 60802 2 2005 Anja Garbarek: Angel-A. (soundtrack CD). EMI 0094635021929 2005 (besides playing on the soundtrack CD, Jan can be seen for a few seconds in the video "Le making-of de la musique" which is included in some DVD issues of the film, e.g. the one by EuropaCorp OFRS 465137 (3 760062 464048).) Eberhard Weber: Stages of a long journey. ECM 1920 2005 Play your own thing. (DVD). Delphi Filmverleih/Alive AG 2006 ALI402434 (documentary film) Marilyn Mazur: Queen of percussion. (DVD). Det 2006 Danske Filminstitut 26396107 (DK) Jan Garbarek Group: Dresden .(2-CD). ECM 2100/01 2007 Byle zapomniec (A Kind of Hush). (DVD). Vision VDVD530 (PL) 2007 (feature film with original soundtrack by Arvo Part and with Jan Garbarek performing on the final theme) Marilyn Mazur: Elixir. ECM 1962 2008 Trilok Gurtu: Massical. BHM/ZYX 1037-2 2009 Sounds and Silence. (DVD). ECM 5050 2009 (documentary film) Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble: Officium Novum. 2010 ECM 2125 Music for the Film Sounds and Silence. (This CD is shared 2011 with other artists). ECM 2250 Eberhard Weber: Resume. ECM 2051 2012 Eleni Karaindrou: Concert in Athens. ECM 2220 2012 Animert i 100 ar - Norsk animasjonsfilm 1913-2013. 2013 (Blue-ray DVD). Norsk Filminstitutt 114387 (N) (Collection of Norwegian short films that contains "Tryllekassen", "Året gjennom Børfjord", and "Smale spor av et århundre", with soundtracks by Jan Garbarek) Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble: Remember me, my dear. 2014 ECM 2625 (V.A.:) Hommage a Eberhard Weber. ECM 2463 2015 Eberhard Weber: The Jubilee Concert. (DVD). Jazzhaus 2015 JAH-456 (DVD release of the concert featured on the "Hommage" CD) Anja Garbarek: The Road Is Just A Surface. (2-LP). 2018 Drabant Music DM58LP (N) Anja Garbarek: The Road Is Just A Surface (The Original 2018 Full-length Theatrical Version). (2-LP). Drabant Music DM58LPPER (N)


Ansikter (Faces) [short film, 7'] directed by Anja Breien; Norway 1969 Filmavis 1969 [short film, 11'] directed by Oddvar Bull Tuhus; Norway 1969 Mødrekupe (TV film) directed by Magne Bleness (NRK1 21.01.1969) (music composed by Arild Boman; with Jan Garbarek, Espen Rud, Bjørnar Andersen) Exit directed by Pal Loekkeberg; Norway 1970 Dager fra 1000 ar directed by Egil Kolstoe; Norway 1970 Voldtekt directed by Anja Breien; Norway 1971 (contains the composition 'Voldtekt' by JG) Frokost (TV ballet film) directed by Donya Feuer and Eli Ryg (NRK 29.11.1972) Maria Marusjka directed by Oddvar Bull Tuhus; Norway 1973 Unnskyld hvis jeg forstyrrer (TV film) directed by Sverre Udnaes (NRK1 02.12.1975) (contains concert footage of the Jan Garbarek Quartet with B. Stenson, P. Danielsson, J. Christensen) Skallet (TV film) directed by Odd Geir Saether (NRK1 17.04.1979) Martin (Hinrichtung eines Lehrers) directed by Leidulv Risan; Norway 1980 Reisen til planeten Nazar [Animation film, 18'] directed by Inne Karine Melbye; 1983 Kort opphold i Verona (TV film) directed by Knut Faldbakken (NRK1 13.04.1982) (music composed by Arild Andersen; with Jan Garbarek, Jon Christensen, and others) Medea (TV film) directed by Pal Loekkeberg, NRK1 15.11.1983) (Jan Garbarek, Frode Alnaes, Jon Christensen, Hakon Graf, Geir Holmsen, Tone Ringen) Papirfuglen (Papiervögel) directed by Anja Breien; Norway 1984 Tryllekassen [Animation film, 0:30] directed by Inne Karine Melbye; 1985 Hustruer - Ti ar etter directed by Anja Breien; Norway 1985 (contains the composition 'Avslutning' by JG) Du kan da ikke bare ga ... (TV film) directed by Terje Maerli (NRK1 22.10.1985) Carl Lange (TV film) directed by Terje Maerli (NRK1 1.09.1987) Ressisim (Burning memory / Splitter der Erinnerung) directedy by Yossi Somer; Israel 1988 Kollisjonen (TV film) directed by Thea Stabell (NRK1 01.03.1988) Smykketyven directed by Anja Breien; Norway 1990 Aret gjennom Boerfjord (Around the year in Boerfjord) [12'] directed by Morten Skallerud, Norway 1992 Jakten pa Mangas Coloradas (documentary, 5 parts) with Erik Bye and Odd Arvid Stroemstad (NRK1 03.01.1993) (music by Jan Garbarek and Trilok Gurtu) Trollsyn directed by Ola Solum; Norway 1994 Smale spor av et arhundre [4:30] directed by Morten Skallerud, Norway 2003 En folkefiende directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg; Norway 2005


Peer Gynt (by Henrik Ibsen) Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, 1971 En sommernattsdroem (by W. Shakespierre) National Theatre, Oslo, February 1973 Ritualet (by Ireneusz Iredynski) NRK Radio, March 7, 1974 Hundens Testamente National Theatre, Oslo, March 1976 Rutine for ukjent planet (by Jon Bing & Tore Age Bringsvaerd) NRK Radio, April 29, 1978 Brand (by Henrik Ibsen) National Theatre, Oslo, June 1978 Lysistrata National Theatre, Oslo, November 1981 Woyzeck National Theatre, Oslo, October 1984 Peer Gynt (Henrik Ibsen) Malmö Stadsteater, Malmö, November 1984 Mot til a drepe (by Lars Noren) NRK Radio, March 2, 1986 Vegen til Mekka Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, 1987 Vildanden National Theatre, Oslo, August 1991


Mot Solen (Towards the sun) Bergen, 1969 music by Alfred Janson performed by Jan Garbarek, Harald Bergersen (sax), Alfred Janson(p) and others choreographed by Edith Roger Hvitt pa hvitt Hoevikodden, Oslo, 1978 by Jan Erik Vold performed by Jan Garbarek, Hakon Graf, Jon Christensen choreographed by Merete Bergersen Volo di un uccello predatore Reggio Emilia, 1989 music by Jan Garbarek and Nana Vasconcelos performed by Jan Garbarek and Nana Vasconcelos choreographed by Jennifer Muller Et saetera Oslo, 1992 music by Jan Garbarek and Agnes Buen Garnas performed by Agnes Buen Garnas choreographed by Kristin Gjems Ekko (Echo) Oslo, 1993 music by Edvard Grieg performed by Jan Garbarek(sax), Jon Balke(p), Lynnie Teekrem(vcl), Mats Claesson(electronics) choreographed by Kjersti Alveberg Boenn (Prayer) Oslo, 1996 music by Jan Garbarek performed by Jan Garbarek choreographed by Kjersti Alveberg