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This is a list of released records by and with Don Cherry. It is ordered chronologically where the year refers, in general, to the recording date. All items are in LP format unless stated otherwise. CD re-issues are preceeded by an asterisk '*'. In those cases where the catalog numbers of LP and CD issue are essentially the same it is not repeated after the *. '(*)' means that this record has been re-issued on CD but I don't know the label/catalog number. Releases from 1988 onwards are all available as CDs and therefore no special indication is made.

Note that compilations of otherwise available material and repackages are, in general, not included in this list.

I would like to thank Pierre Crepon, Mike Haimes, W. Hery, Jörn Krümpelmann, Martin Meissonnier, Christian Mika, Antuan Ochomma, Julien Palomo, Patrice L. Roussel, Mads Ruby, Robert Stubenrauch, and Peter Taylor for their help and encouragement with this discography.

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Some rare recordings by and with Don Cherry:

rare and unreleased sessions with Jana Haimsohn

long excerpt from an unreleased concert with Atras del Cosmos, Mexico 1977

The Night Owl show from 12-12-1980 with A Capella piece by Don Cherry

Allen Ginsberg, Don Cherry at Naropa 1976

Allen Ginsberg, Don Cherry, Anne Waldman at Naropa 1990

The 90's - Episode 201


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Ornette Coleman: Something else. Contemporary S7551; 1958 * Original Jazz Classics OJC CD-163-2 Ornette Coleman: Tomorrow is the question. Contemporary S7569 1959 * Original Jazz Classics OJC CD-342-2 Paul Bley: The fabulous Paul Bley Quintet. America 30 AM 6120; 1959 (retitled: Live at the Hillcrest Club) Inner City IC 1007; * Musidisc 500 542 (F) Ornette Coleman. Coleman Classics, vol. 1. Improvising 1959 Artists IAI 37 38 52 Ornette Coleman. Complete Live at the Hillcrest Club. 1959 * Gambit Records 69272 (contains all tracks from the two LPs above) Ornette Coleman: The shape of Jazz to come. Atlantic SD 1317; 1959 * Atlantic 19238-2 Ornette Coleman: Change of the century. Atlantic SD 1327 1959 Lenox School of Jazz concert. * S.O.J. 1/2 (It); Jeal 1959 Records RJD 513 (Dk) John Coltrane-Don Cherry: The avant garde. Atlantic SD 1451; 1960 * Atlantic 790041-2 Ornette Coleman: This is our music. Atlantic SD 1353 1960 Ornette Coleman: Free Jazz. Atlantic SD 1364; * Atlantic 1960 1364-2 Ornette Coleman: Ornette!. Atlantic SD 1378 1961 Ornette Coleman: Ornette on tenor. Atlantic SD 1394 1961 Ornette Coleman: The art of the improvisers. Atlantic SD 1572 1961 Ornette Coleman: Twins. Atlantic SD 1588 1961 Ornette Coleman: To whom who keeps a record. Warner Pioneer 1961 P-10085 A (J) Ornette Coleman: Beauty is a rare thing. * Rhino/Atlantic 1961 8122-71410-2. (6-CD). (contains the entire Coleman output on Atlantic plus some previously unreleased tracks) Steve Lacy: Evidence. New Jazz NJLP 8271; * Original Jazz 1961 Classics OJC CD-1755-2 Don Cherry Trio. Atlantic Records (unissued) 1961 listen to one track (Black Elk speaks) here Sonny Rollins: Our man in Jazz. RCA LSP 2612; RCA SF 7546; 1962 * BMG 7 4321 19256-2 (F) Sonny Rollins Quartet with Don Cherry: Complete Live at the Village Gate 1962. (6-CD). * Solar Records 4569959 1962 (released in 2015) Sonny Rollins: Three in Jazz. RCA LSP 2725; RCA SF 7626 (UK); 1963 * BMG 7 4321 21825-2 (D) Sonny Rollins: On the outside. * RCA ND82496 (contains all 1962/63 tracks of Rollins with Cherry from the 2 RCA LPs above) Pharoah Sanders: In The Beginning 1963-1964. (4-CD). ESP 4069 1963 (released in 2012) Sonny Rollins: Live in Paris '63 * Magnetic Records MRCD 101 1963 (LP version with less tracks: "Live in Europe".) Unique Jazz UJ 22, Jazz Anthology JA 5241 Sonny Rollins/Don Cherry Quartet: The Complete 1963 1963 Copenhagen concert. * Jazz Lips JL767 (released in 2009) Sonny Rollins: Live mid 60's. * Landscape LS 2-915 1963 (re-issued with one bonus track as) Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry Quartet: New York 1962 & Stockholm 1963. * RLR RECORDS RLR 88648 Sonny Rollins: Stuttgart 1963 Concert. Jazz Connoisseur 1963 JC 106; Jazz Anthology JA 5235; (retitled: Complete 1963 Stuttgart concert; includes one bonus track) * RLR RECORDS RLR 88645 Sonny Rollins Quartet: In Europe 1963, Vol. I. * Jazzup JU 1963 313, (retitled: Rollins meets Cherry I) * Moon MCD 053-2 (LowFi issue with tracks from Paris and Copenhagen) Sonny Rollins Quartet: In Europe 1963, Vol. II. * Jazzup JU 1963 314, (retitled: Rollins meets Cherry II) * Moon MCD 054-2 (LowFi issue with tracks from Paris and Copenhagen) Prince Lasha: It is revealed. Zounds L71863 (US) 1963 (Private pressing reportedly limited to 100 copies!); Doxy ACV2038 (I) (LTD Edition of 500 copies, 2014) Bengt Nordstroem/Don Cherry: Psychology. Bird Notes BNLP3 (Sw) 1963 (Private pressing reportedly limited to 5-10 copies!) New York Contemporary Five: Consequences. Fontana 681 013ZL, 1963 Fontana 881 013ZY; * Fontana PHCE 1001 (J), Cool Music 2044770 (J) New York Contemporary Five, Vol. 1. Sonet SLP36; Polydor 1963 623 235 (UK); Delmark DL 409; Storyville SLP 1010; (CD including also the following LP) * Storyville STCD 8209 New York Contemporary Five, Vol. 2. Sonet SLP51; Polydor 1963 623 267 (UK); Delmark DL 412; Storyville SLP 1009; (CD including also the previous LP) * Storyville STCD 8209 Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary Five. Savoy 1963 MG12184; Realm RM 52422 (UK); Byg 529 101 (F); * Savoy / Atlantic 93008-2 Jazz In Denmark. (DVD). * Marshmallow Export MMEX-DVD-101 (J) 1963 (released in 2007; features the film "Future One" with the New York Contemporary Five.) Albert Ayler: New York eye and ear control. ESP 1016; * 1964 Albert Ayler Quartet: The Copenhagen Tapes. * Ayler Records 1964 aylCD-033 (Sw) Albert Ayler: Ghosts. Debut DEB143; Fontana 688 606ZL; 1964 (retitled: Vibrations) Freedom FLP 40117; Arista AL1000; * Freedom FCD 741000 Albert Ayler: The Hilversum session. Osmosis 6001; * Coppens 1964 COPPE 6001 (NL), DIW 330 (J) (retitled: European Radio Station Recordings 1964) * HatHut hatOLOGY 678 Albert Ayler: Ayler. Philology W 88; (retitled: Live in 1964 Europe 1964-1966) * Landscape LS 2-902 Krzysztof Komeda: The complete recordings of Krzysztof Komeda, 1964 Vol. 14. * Polonia CD 123 (PL), (also released as: Soundtracks from Henning Carlsen movies) Power Bros PB00189 (PL) Brand New! Svensk Jazzhistoria, Vol. 9. (4-CD). * Caprice 1964 Records CAP 22050 (Sw) (Cherry is on one track of this 4-CD set, which was released in 2003) Francois Tusques/Don Cherry: La Maison Fille Du Soleil. 1964 (7" single). Studio Scriptone Nantes SN-4-64 (F) (Private pressing reportedly limited to 100 copies!); Cacophonic 4505-EP (UK) Don Cherry: Togetherness. Durium MS A 77127, Cicala BL 7068, 1965 Start L.P.S. 40.025; Inner City IC 1009; Free Bird FLY 01 * Cloud 9 Music C9M-1 (J) George Russell: George Russell at Beethoven Hall, vol. 1. 1965 MPS-SABA SB15059; BASF 25125; (CD including also the following LP) * MPS/Motor Music 539 084-2 George Russell: George Russell at Beethoven Hall, vol. 2. 1965 MPS-SABA SB15060; (CD including also the previous LP) * MPS/Motor Music 539 084-2 Sunny Murray: Sonny's time now. Jihad 663, DIW 25002 (J); 1965 * DIW 14, DIW 355 (J); (retitled: Sunny's time now and more) Jazzette BPCD-025 (Cr) Sunny Murray: The lie. DIW 850925 (one sided 7" single) 1965 Don Cherry: Complete communion. Blue Note BLP 4226; 1965 * Blue Note 7243 5 22673 2 3 Bent Jaedig: The Free Spirit. (2-CD). Little Beat Records 1965 LBR CD 09001 (Dk) (released in 2009) Jazz e altre visioni. (DVD). * Cineteca Bologna 9 788895 1965 862958 (I) (released in 2014; features the film "Appunti per un film sul jazz" by Gianni Amico) Don Cherry: Cherry Jam. (12" EP). Gearbox Records GB1559 1965 (released in 2020) Giorgio Gaslini: Nuovi sentimenti. HMV QELP 8154, 1966 EMI 3C 064 18036 (I); (retitled: L'integrale no. 3-4) * Soul Note SN 121352 Don Cherry: Live at "The Montmartre", Vol. I. * Magnetic 1966 Records MRCD 111 Don Cherry: Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966. * ESP 4032 1966 (released in 2007) Don Cherry: Live at "The Montmartre", Vol. II. * Magnetic 1966 Records MRCD 112 Don Cherry: Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 2. * ESP 4043 1966 (released in 2008) Don Cherry: Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 3. * ESP 4051 1966 (released in 2009; the three ESP releases supersede the Magnetic Records discs!) (V.A.:) More Modern at the German Jazz Festival 1966. (2-CD). 1966 * BE!Records 6088/89 CD (released in 2015) Don Cherry: Symphony for improvisers. Blue Note BLP 4247; 1966 * Cema/Capitol 7777 28976-2; Blue Note 7243 5 63829 2 3 Don Cherry: Where is Brooklyn?. Blue Note BLP 4311; 1966 * Blue Note 0946 3 11436 2 5 Don Cherry: The complete Blue Note recordings of Don Cherry. 1966 * Mosaic Records MOSAIC MD2-145. (2-CD). (contains the three Blue Note LPs of Cherry from above) Krzysztof Komeda: Le Depart. (7" EP). Phillips 437.376 (F); 1967 (full length CD). * Volcano Records CPC8-1058 (J) Den gyllene cirkeln. * Flashmusic FLCD-12. (This CD is 1967 enclosed in a book with the same title, issued by Prisma, Stockholm, 2002, ISBN 91-518-3989-x) Albert Mangelsdorff: Albert Mangelsdorff and his friends. 1967 MPS 15210 ST; * Universal/MPS 00440067375-2 Don Cherry: Music, wisdom, love. Cacophonic 18CACKLP (UK) 1967 (Soundtrack to the film by Jean Noel Delamarre) (released in 2017) Don Cherry: Movement Incorporated. * Anagram Records 1967-68 ANA-008 (Sw) (released in 2004) Charles Brackeen: Rhythm X. Strata East SES 19736; 1968 * Bellaphon/Strata-East 660.51.019 (D) The Jazz Composers Orchestra. JCOA LP 1001/2. (2-LP); 1968 * JCOA (ECM) 841 124-2 Don Cherry: Eternal Rhythm. MPS 15204ST, BASF 20680; 1968 * Polygram POCJ 2520 (J) Don Cherry: Brotherhood suite. * Flashmusic FLCD-4 (Sw) 1968-74 (released in 1997) Watch out. Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 10. (4-CD set). 1968 * Caprice Records CAP 22053 (Sw) (Cherry is on one track of this 4-CD set, which was released in 2005) Wilbur Ware: Super Bass. * WWI 1201CD 1968 (released in 2012) The Complete Clifford Jordan Strata-East Sessions. (6-CD set). 1968 * Mosaic Records MOSAIC MD6-256 (the set includes Clifford Jordan: In the World, Charles Brackeen: Rhythm X, Wilbur Ware: Super Bass, and Ed Blackwell: Shades of Edward Blackwell, where the last one features two previously unreleased tracks with Don) (released in 2013) Don Cherry: Live in Stockholm. * Caprice Records CAP 21832 1968/71 (released in 2013) Don Cherry: The Summer House Sessions. (2-CD). * Blank Forms 1968 Editions BF-024 (released in 2021) Ornette Coleman: Crisis. Impulse! AS 9187 1969 Ornette Coleman: Man on the Moon / Growing up. (7" single). 1969 Impulse! 45-275; Pathe Marconi C 006-90643 (F) Clifford Jordan: In the World. Strata East 19721; Polydor 1969 2383 206 (UK); Trio PA 7018 (J); * Strata East/P-Vine PCD-23842 (J) Charlie Haden: Liberation Music Orchestra. Impulse AS 9183; 1969 * Impulse IMP 1188-2 Allen Ginsberg-William Blake: Songs of innocence and 1969 experience. Verve-Forecast FTS 3083; (retitled: Archetypes) MGM M3F-4951 (retitled: The Complete Songs Of Innocence And Experience) .(2-CD). * Omnivore Recordings OVCD Don Cherry: Mu. First part. Byg 529 301, Affinity AFF 8; 1969 (CD including also the following LP) * Affinity CD AFF 774; Charly Le Jazz CD 56 Don Cherry: Mu. Second part. Byg 529 331, Affinity AFF 17; 1969 (CD including also the previous LP) * Affinity CD AFF 774; Charly Le Jazz CD 56 Don Cherry: Live in Ankara. Sonet SNTF 669; (retitled: 1969 Ankara) Piccadilly Records Pic 3511; (reissued on: The Sonet recordings) * Verve 533 049-2 (2-CD) Al Heath: Kawaida. O'be Records OB-301, Trip TLP 5032 1969 (reissued as: Herbie Hancock: The Jazz Masters. 100 anos de Swing) * Folio collection EF 20015 (E) Carla Bley-Paul Haines: Escalator over the hill. JCOA 3LP 1969 EOTH. (3-LP); * JCOA (ECM) 839 310-2 (2-CD) Jon Appleton-Don Cherry: Human music. Flying Dutchman FDS 121; 1970 (reissued with 2 bonus tracks) * Runt/Water Water182 Ornette Coleman: Friends and neighbors. Flying Dutchman 1970 FDS 123; * BMG France 7 4321 477952 Don Cherry: ditto. (2-LP). Byg YX 4012/13 (J); (retitled: 1971 Orient) Affinity AFFD 82; (2-CD). * Affinity CD AFF 769; (2-LP). Get Back Records GET2010 (I), * Fruit Tree 825 (I); (2-CD) Snapper Music SNAD513CD Don Cherry: Blue lake. (2-LP). Byg YX 4022/23 (J); 1971 Get Back Records GET2012 (I); * Fruit Tree 826 (I); (2-CD) Snapper Music SNAD513CD Don Cherry: Organic music society. Caprice RIKS LP 44,50 1971 (Sw). (2-LP); * Caprice Records CAP 21827 Krzysztof Penderecki-Don Cherry: Actions - The new eternal 1971 rhythm. Phillips 6305 153, Wergo SM1010; * Transparency Records TRAN 0008 (US), Intuition INT 3606-2 (D) Ornette Coleman: Science fiction. Columbia KC 31061; CBS 1971 S64774; * Sony SRCS 9372 (J) Ornette Coleman: Broken shadows. Columbia FC 38029; CBS 85934, 1971 * Sony SRCS 7098, Sony SRCS 9373 (J) Ornette Coleman: The Complete Science fiction Sessions. 1971 (2-CD). * Columbia/Legacy C2K 63569 (contains all tracks from the 2 LPs above plus bonus tracks) Handgjort: ditto. * Silence Records SRCD 3618 (Sw) 1971 (released in 2010) Handgjort: ditto. (2-LP). Psykofon OBJEKT 1 (Sw) 1971 (released in 2010) The Taj Mahal Travellers: On Tour. (DVD). Super Fuji Discs 1971 FJSP-50 (J) (released in 2008) Ornette Coleman: Broadcasts. J For Jazz JFJ 803 (US); 1972 (retitled: Stating the case) Jazz Anthology JA 5248 Don Cherry-Dollar Brand-Carlos Ward: The Third World - 1972 Underground. Trio PAP 9018 (J); * Universal POCS-9301 (J) Organic Music Theatre: Chateauvallon 1972. (2-CD). * Blank 1972 Forms Editions BF-023 (released in 2021) Don Cherry: Relativity suite. JCOA LP 1006 1973 Alexandro Jodorowsky: The holy mountain. (Soundtrack CD). 1973 (included in a 6 Disc box released in 2007 by Anchor Bay under the title "The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky) Don Cherry: Eternal now. Sonet SNTF 653; Antilles AN 7034; 1973 (retitled: Tibet) Piccadilly Records Pic 3515; (reissued on: The Sonet recordings) * Verve 533 049-2 (2-CD) Michael Mantler: No answer. Virgin Records Watt 2; 1973 (reissued together with "Silence" as a 2-CD set) * Watt 2/5 (ECM 543 374) Don Cherry: ditto. A & M Horizon SP 717; (titled: Brown Rice) 1975 EMI 3C 064 18107 (F); * A & M 397 001-2 Terry Riley - Don Cherry Duo: ditto. * BE!Records 6212 CD 1975 (released in 2017) Don Cherry: Hear and now. Atlantic SD 18217; * Eastwind 1976 AMCY-1283 (J); Wounded Bird Records WOU 8217 Cherry, Redman, Haden, Blackwell: Old and New Dreams. Black 1976 Saint BSR 0013; * Don Cherry: Om Shanti Om. Black Sweat Records BS058 1976 (released in 2020) Charlie Haden: The golden number. A & M Horizon SP 727; 1976 * A & M 390 825-2 Steve Hillage: L. Virgin V 2066; * Virgin CDV 2066 1976 Steve Hillage: It's all too much/Shimmer. (7" single). Virgin 1976 VS 161 Lou Reed: Between thought and expression. * RCA PD90621 (3-CD) 1976 (also released as 3 individual CDs. The track with Cherry is on Vol. 2) Lou Reed: Live in Los Angeles 1976. * SGRS 026 1976 Lou Reed: Claim to fame. * DIYE 43 1976 Collin Walcott: Grazing dreams. ECM 1096; * 1977 Dollar Brand: The journey. Chiaroscuro CR 187; 1977 * Downtown Sound 1002 Don Cherry: Modern Art. Mellotronen MELLOLP 16; 1977 * MELLOCD 034 (S) (released in 2014; The LP features less tracks than the CD, though there is one track that can be found only on the LP issue!) Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz: Roundtrip. Transversales 1977 Disques TRS26 (released in 2023) Don Cherry: Full moon. Atlantic Records (unreleased) 1978 Johnny Dyani Quartet: Song for Biko. Steeplechase SCS 1109; 1978 * Steeplechase SCCD 31109 (bonus track on CD) Collin Walcott-Don Cherry-Nana Vasconcelos: Codona. 1978 ECM 1132; * Don Cherry-Latif Khan. Music/Sangam. Europa JP 2009 1978 * Heavenly Sweetness HS015CD Lou Reed: The bells. Arista SPART 1093; * BMG 262 918 1978 Lou Reed: Bottom Line 12-3-78. Arp 704 (bootleg LP) 1978 Mandingo Griot Society: ditto. Flying Fish 076; * Flying 1978 Fish FF 70076 Live from Soundscape - Hells kitchen. * DIW 405 (J) 1978 (V.A.:) Creative Music Studio - Archive Selections Volume 2. 1978 (3-CD). * Planet Arts PA 301547 (USA) (released in 2015) Masahiko Togashi-Don Cherry-Charlie Haden: Session in Paris, 1979 Vol. I, Song of the soil. Paddle Wheel GP 3206 (J); * Take One Records TOKJ-1501 (J) Old and New Dreams: ditto. ECM 1154; * 1979 Karl Berger: Woodstock Workshop Orchestra. MPS 0068250 1979 Collin Walcott-Don Cherry-Nana Vasconcelos: Codona 2. 1980 ECM 1177; * (V.A.:) Creative Music Studio - Archive Selections, Vol 1. 1980 (3-CD). * Innova 805 (USA) (The "Untitled" track by Ismet Siral on this 3-CD set seems to feature Don Cherry on flute, though he is not credited!) (released in 2014) Old And New Dreams: Playing. ECM 1205; * 1980 Cherry - Tchicai - Schweizer - Francioli - Favre: Musical 1980 Monsters. * Intakt CD 269 (released in 2016) Jazz Jamboree '80. Muza SX 1983 (PL) (This LP is shared with 1980 other artists) Ian Dury and the Blockheads: Laughter. Stiff Seez 30; * Disky 1980 Seez 30 Ian Dury and the Blockheads: In concert-248. BBC Transcription 1980 Services CN 3762/S; BBC Rock Hour #215 (contains one track less than the "In concert" LP) Bengt Berger: Bitter funeral beer. ECM 1179; * 1981 Rip Rig + Panic: Bob Hope Takes Risk/Hey Mr. E! A Gran Grin 1981 With A Shake Of Smile. Virgin VS 468-12 (12" EP); (The track with Cherry is included in the CD issue of the album God. * Cherry Red CDMRED 572) Rip Rig + Panic: I am cold. Virgin V 2228 (2 12" EPs); 1981 * Cherry Red CDMRED 573 Interpretations of Monk. * DIW 395/398 (4-CD) (J); Koch 1981 KOC-CD-7838 (2-CD) + Koch KOC-CD 7839 (2-CD) Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell: El corazon. ECM 1230; * 1982 Billy Bang: Untitled gift. Anima Productions 3BG9; 1982 * 8th Harmonic Breakdown 8005/6 Collin Walcott-Don Cherry-Nana Vasconcelos: Codona 3. 1982 ECM 1243; * Charlie Haden-Carla Bley: Ballad of the fallen. ECM 1248; * 1982 Don Cherry. An interview with a Jazz legend. (CD-ROM). 1982 * Gallery 41 - 97110001 (US) Bitter Funeral Beer Band: Live in Frankfurt 82. 1982 * Country & Eastern Productions CE 09 (Sw) (released in 2007) Jim Pepper. Comin' and goin'. Europa JP 2014; * Antilles/ 1983 Island ANCD8706 Brion Gysin: Kick/Junk. (7" single). Mosquito 8900 (F) 1983 Brion Gysin: Self-portrait jumping. * Crammed Disc - Made 1983 to Measure 33 (B) Brion Gysin: Junk. Wewantsounds WWSLP79 1983/2024 (includes two unreleased remixes of "Kick") (released in 2024) Tullio De Piscopo: Acqua e viento. Bagaria 1655291 (I); Zyx 1983 Records 20.040 (D) Tullio De Piscopo: Stop Bajon (Club mix/Instrumental). 1983 (12" single). Zyx Records 5139 (D) Tullio De Piscopo: Stop Bajon/Stadera (remixes). (12" single). 1983 Nunk Records N1005 (B) The Best Dance Classics. (DVD). Blanco y Negro MXDVD 1523 X 198? (contains a video clip of Tullio De Piscopo's "Stop Bajon" with Don Cherry on the douss'n gouni, but obviously the music itself is simply the LP version of this tune.) Dag Vag: Almanacka. Silence Records SRS 4689 (Sw); (re-issued 1983 (as Almanacka +, with one bonus track) * BALL BASCD 4806 Sun Ra: Hiroshima. Saturn 10-11-85, Sun Ra 11-83 A/B 1983 Sun Ra: Outer reach intensity-energy. Saturn 9-1213-85 B 1983 Sun Ra Arkestra: East Berlin and West Berlin. (DVD). 1983 Transparency 0171 (released in 2005) Sun Ra Allstars: Milan, Zurich, West Berlin, Paris. (5 CD). 1983 Transparency 0311 (released in 2008) Tamma: Tamma with Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell. ODIN LP 14 (N); 1984 * ODIN NJ 4014-2 Frank Lowe: Decision in paradise. Soul Note SN 1082; * 1984 (Ebba Jahn:) Rising Tones Cross. (video). Film Pals 1984 FP-0001-VHS (D); (DVD) FilmPals 1-2005 (D) Allen Ginsberg: The Last Word On First Blues. (3-CD). 1984 Omnivore Recordings OVCD-175 (released in 2016; Don Cherry is on two tracks) Doudou Gouirand: Forgotten tales. Vent Du Sud VS 106 (F); 1985 * Musea/Great Winds GW 3104.AR Don Cherry: Call me/I walk. (7" single). Barclay 6837 862 1985 Don Cherry: Home boy. Barclay 827 488; * 1985 Don Cherry: Home boy. * Secret Records/Katabami 55 2108 (F) 1985 (contains partly different tracks and different mixes as compared to the Barclay release) Ramuntcho Matta presents Polo Lombardo and Brion Gysin. 1985 Mosquito 006 (F) Ramuntcho Matta: Mes plus grands succes. * Optical Sound 1985 OS.017 (F) (released in 2006) Tony Vacca & Tim Moran: City spirits. Philo PH-9007 (Can) 1985 Ornette Coleman: Made in America. (documentary video). 1985 Caravan of Dreams; (DVD). Milestone Films MILE00142 (J) Masahiko Togashi: Bura-Bura. (2-CD). ALFA Records 50XB-107/8, 1986 (LP). ALFA Records ALZ-28006 (J); * Pan Music PMC 1103 (F), (2-CD). Videoarts Music VACM-1156 (J) Nana Simopoulos: Wings and air. Enja 5031; * 1986 Sarah Vaughan & Friends. A Jazz Session ('Sass and Brass'). 1986 (video). HBO Video/Atlantic Vision 50209-3 (US); (retitled: The super session III) Videoarts VAH-0053 (J); (Sarah Vaughan: Sass 'n' Brass) (DVD). Trema 831860 (F) Sarah Vaughan & Friends. * A night of Sass & Brass. 1986 Immortal IMA 104101 (NL) (CD version of the above session, released in 2006) Don Cherry: Art Deco. A & M 395 258-1; * 1986 Don Cherry/Nu: BBC Jazz Legends. * BBCJ 7004-2 1986 NU: Live in Glasgow. available as Digital album/download at 1987 (released in 2021) Ornette Coleman: In all languages. Caravan of Dreams 1987 CDP 85008. (2-LP); * CDPCD 85008, Verve 531 915-2 Audio Letter: It is this it is not this. Cityzens for non- 1987 linear Futures CNLF-1 (Can) Fake Feelings Institute and Audio Leter present .. 1987 (cassette). CNLF/Sound Of Pig SOP 133 From The White House Vol. 3 - USA. (cassette). Exart EA030 1987 (Don Cherry is on the two tracks by Audio Letter: Ogo Tem Meli, Stalking Side Walks) Old And New Dreams: A tribute to Blackwell. Black Saints 1987 120 113; * The 20th anniversary of the summer of love. Shimmy-disc 001 1987 (US) (This LP is shared with other artists); * Shimmy disc 9024/CD. (The track with Don Cherry can be also found on the record by Bongwater, cf. below.) Bongwater: Double bummer. Shimmy-disc 011. (2-CD) (US) 1988 Trilok Gurtu: Usfret. CMP Records CMP 33 ST 1988 Heiner Goebbels: Der Mann im Fahrstuhl. ECM 1369 1988 Charlie Rouse: Epistrophy. Landmark LLP 1521; * Landmark/GRP 1988 LCD-1521-2 Paranoise: Constant fear. Antilles 90986; * Antilles 1988 422-842591-2 Elli Medeiros: Elli. Barclay 839 413-2 (F) 1989 Elli Medeiros: Vanille (Paris Mix/London Mix). (12" single). 1989 Barclay 889 209-1; (CD single). Barclay 889 209-2 Elli Medeiros: The wheel of time (remix)/Les dattes (remix). 1989 (7" single). Barclay 873 676-7 (F) Don Cherry: Multikulti. A & M 395 323-2 1989 Charlie Haden: The Montreal tapes, Vol. II. Verve 523 260-2 1989 Hilton Ruiz: Doin' it right. Novus/RCA PL 83085 1989 Sun Ra: Purple Night. A & M 75021 5324-2 1989 Sun Ra: Somewhere else. Rounder Records 1166 3036; Zensor 1989 ZS 136 (D) Sun Ra Arkestra: Live at the Palomino. (DVD). Transparency 1989 0170 Neneh Cherry. The Rise of Neneh Cherry. (video). Circa 790-335 1989 (UK); BMG R-1593 (US) Jai Uttal: Footprints. Triloka Records 183-2 (US) 1990 Joe Henry: Shuffletown. A & M 395 315-2; Mammoth Records 1990 MR0095-2 Hassan Hakmoun: Life around the world. Mina MRJ-6263 (US) 1990 Anne Waldman: Battery. Live at Naropa 1974-2002. Fast 1990 Speaking Music (Optidisc Solutions 374107) (US) (released in 2003) Don Cherry's "Multikulti". (video). View Video 1348 (US); 1991 (DVD). Kultur Films Inc. Kultur/SRO/White Star D4007 Hassan Hakmoun and Adam Rudolph: Gift of the Gnawa. Flying 1991 Fish FF 70571; Blue Flame 398 50352 Philippe Kahn: Walkin' on the moon. Pacific High PH1002 (US) 1991 The Watts Prophets with Don Cherry: Change is overdue. 1992 New World Rhythm 001 (12" EP) (UK) George Gruntz/Allen Ginsberg: Cosmopolitan greetings. MGB 1992 MGBCD 9203 (2-CD) (Ch) Ed Blackwell Project, Vol. II: What it be like?. Enja ENJ-8054 1992 Ingrid Sertso: Dance with it. Enja ENJ-8024-2 1993 Die Ratte. (Soundtrack CD). Ariola 74321 13302-2 (D) 1993 Inside Heaven: Sex is the answer. (CD single). BMG 1993 74321 13274-2 (features three different remixes of the title track; the 2 remixes with Cherry are also on the album "Die Ratte") Inside Heaven: Sex is the answer. (12" maxi single). 199? (features four different remixes of the title track) Don Cherry: Dona Nostra. ECM 1448 1993 Ira Cohen: The poetry of Ira Cohen. Sub Rosa SR 62 (B) 1994 Up & Down Club Sessions, Vol. II. Mammoth Records MR0104-2 1994 Stolen Moments. Red hot and cool. GRP 9794 (2-CD) 1994 Amde Hamilton: Difficultez Technical. Classic Cut Musiz 1994? 06 42419 60311 5 (features Don Cherry on the track "Nuclear Schemes") (released in 2014) Ramuntcho Matta: Disques intempestifs. Cahiers intempestifs 6, 1996 Editions Printer (F). (This CD was issued together with the French magazine 'Cahiers intempestifs, no. 6') (available as "Philosophe par le feu" as mp3 download) Ramuntcho Matta: Faire Avec [Le Son]. sometimeStudio maat017 2004 (contains some spoken words and studio outtakes with Don Cherry) (also available as mp3 download) Trilok Gurtu: Spellbound. Moosicus Records 975422 2013


(exploiting private recordings of radio/TV shows circulating freely in the internet)

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